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Follow Your Team FAQ

Eligible MLB.TV Yearly subscribers who also subscribe to a participating local regional sports network (RSN) can add Follow Your Team to their subscription for the regular season for only $10. Through Follow Your Team you can watch one select out-of-market team's local broadcast on your computer or any supported device even when that out-of-market team is playing an in-market-team, so long as that in-market team's games are also broadcast on a participating local RSN that you can access through your subscription to a participating pay TV service. Authentication to your participating pay TV provider and RSN is required.

Where Can I Access?

  • Follow Your Team is available online and on supported mobile and connected devices.
  • Follow Your Team is available for regular season games only.

To be Eligible to Purchase the Follow Your Team Feature, You Must:

  • Have a valid MLB.TV Yearly Subscription.
  • Be geographically located in the USA.
  • Have an active subscription to a participating pay TV Provider (see list below).
  • Have access to a participating RSN as part of that pay TV subscription (see list below).

Participating pay TV Providers:

  • AT&T U-Verse
  • Comcast
  • Direct TV
  • Dish

Participating Regional Sports Networks (RSNs):

CSBA (Giants), CSC/WGN (Cubs, White Sox), CSCA (Athletics), CSP (Phillies), FSAZ (Diamondbacks), FSD (Tigers), FSFL (Marlins), FSKC (Royals), FSMW (Cardinals), FSN/FSW (LA Angels), FSNO (Twins), FSO (Reds), FSSD (Padres), FSSO/FSSE (Braves) FSSW (Rangers), FSWI (Brewers), ROOTNW (Mariners), ROOTPIT (Pirates), ROOTRM (Rockies), ROOTSW (Astros), SNY (Mets), STO (Indians), SUN (Rays), YES (Yankees)

Non-Participating Regional Sports Networks (RSNs):

MASN/MSN2 (Nationals, Orioles), NESN, (Red Sox), SNET/SNET1 (Blue Jays), SNLA (Dodgers)

If you satisfy the above criteria, you can add the Follow Your Team feature to your MLB.TV subscription. Once you select an out-of-market team to follow, you will be able to watch that team's broadcast on your computer or on supported mobile and connected devices even when they are playing an in-market team, so long as the game is also broadcast by a participating regional sports network (RSN) which you can watch at home. For example, if you live in Cincinnati but love the Cardinals, you can choose to "follow" the Cardinals. Using the FYT feature, when the Cardinals play the Reds, you will still be able to watch the Cardinals broadcast feed.

Please note:

  • Authentication to your participating pay TV provider and RSN is required.
  • The Follow Your Team Product is available for United States subscribers only.
  • To see what games are available for each team, click here.
  • No automatic renewal on follow your team (although your MLB.TV Yearly subscription may still be subject to auto-renewal).

To Follow Your Team, Click "Get Started" and Simply Follow the Steps Outlined Below.

Eligible MLB.TV Yearly Subscribers Will Be Required to:

  1. Choose the out-of-market team you want to follow (local in-market teams are not available).
  2. Authenticate with a Participating pay TV Provider.
  3. Tell us which RSN(s) you are able to access through your pay TV subscription. Not available to subscribers of all RSN(s) (see list above).

Get Started here.