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Roku | Viewing/Navigation

How to View Live or Archived Games on Roku

To view a game after launching the MLB.TV Channel, select a game from the schedule in the scoreboard, using the arrow keys on your Roku remote to navigate. You can navigate to previous days by clicking on the arrow icons at the top of the screen.

Select any available live or archived game by clicking "OK" on your Roku remote. Live games offer MLB.TV subscribers the option of watching either a Home or Away video feed (when available) as well as live radio options. Archived games will have the option to view home or away video archives, the condensed game or the game recap.

If you select a live or archived full game, you will see a message giving you the option to "Start from the Beginning of the Game" or "Jump to Inning." Additionally, for live games in progress, you will be given the option to join the live stream by clicking "Go to live." Select one of these options to watch the game. Additionally, select the "TV Audio Feed Settings" option in this menu to display available audio feeds. To enable Audio Overlay, select an audio option and then choose how you wish to join the game (live, from the beginning, at a specific inning).

From the MLB.TV app's main menu, use the on-screen arrows next to the date, at the top of the screen, to move to a previous or next day. Select the date at the top of the screen to open the monthly calendar. Navigation in the calendar functions the same as navigation in the scoreboard when using your Roku remote. Selecting the All Teams option at the top left of the calendar screen and choosing an option from the list will display the monthly calendar listing of games for just that team.

To control video playback while watching a game, use the DVR buttons on your Roku remote. While viewing a live or archived game, press the star (*) button to enable Closed Captioning.

Settings Options

The MLB.TV app "Settings" menu can be accessed by pressing the star (*) button on your Roku remote in the scoreboard view and by selecting the Settings option that appears in the sidebar menu.

Here, you can log out, choose to show or hide game scores and pick your favorite and followed teams. Select app start view will allow you to launch the MLB app directly to your preferred view. To hide scores and control your spoiler settings, simply select "On" or "Off" next to this option in the menu settings.