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Samsung | Get Started

To link a subscription purchased from

The MLB.TV application should already be pre-installed on your supported Samsung device. Please verify your device on the supported device list above.

After you've launched the MLB.TV application, you must link your Samsung device to your registered account. You can do this by either selecting a game from the "Today's Games" view, or by proceeding to the "Settings" tab on the top right of your screen.

Click on "Sign In" and a virtual keyboard will open. Enter the values for your registered email address and password using the directional navigation controls on your Samsung remote. After entering these values, select "Login" and your game will launch.

You can unlink your account or relink to a different user account at any time. In the "Settings" view you can also hide spoilers by selecting "Hide Score." You also have the option to set your favorite teams in this view, which will make them appear on the top left of the listing in the "Today's Games" page.