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Samsung | Viewing/Navigation

How to View Live or Archived Games on Your Samsung Device

You can now access live and archived MLB.TV games on your device. The MLB.TV application will show a listing of scheduled games by day here:

To select a live or an archived game, proceed to the game calendar and select any date. Clicking on any date will open the day view with each available game listed. Hover over the game you wish to select, and pick from the available streams: National, Away, and Home video.

While viewing a live game, you can use the Samsung remote controller to play and pause. While viewing an archived game, you can use the remote to skip ahead, rewind, and pause the game.

In this menu you can use the up or down buttons to select a game from that day. Pressing left on the remote will bring a listing of the previous day's games. Pressing right on the remote will show the next day. Once you have highlighted the game that you would like to watch, press the select button in the middle of the remote to launch the game. If the game is live and you would like to start the game from the beginning, press the Play button on the remote.

While watching a game, you can select to skip ahead or back by Inning, Game Event, or Runs Scored. To toggle between these, press the down button on the remote while playing a game. To skip to the next or previous moment, press the right and left buttons.