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To link a subscription purchased from

Before you can access MLB.TV games on your Sony device, you must first register your account on and purchase the MLB.TV or MLB.TV Single Team package. To launch your application, navigate to the "Video" icon. From there you can access and launch the MLB.TV application. To link your Sony device to your account, proceed to the main calendar screen. This screen will immediately open upon launch of the MLB.TV application. Please click the red button on your Sony remote to access the menu page. Using the Sony remote control's navigation buttons, click on any game with live or archived streams available and log-in with your registered account email and password. You can also access this login window in the "Settings" tab on the top-right of the on-screen menu.

After clicking on a game, a virtual keyboard will open. Enter the values for your registered email address and password using the directional navigation controls on your Sony remote. After entering these values, select "Login" and your game will launch.