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Sony | Requirements

System Requirements:

MLB.TV or MLB.TV Single Team Subscription 

Supported Models:

2018 TVs and Blu-ray Players:

XBR-xxA9F, XBR-xxZ9F, XBR-xxX900F, XBR-xx850F, XBR-xx830F, XBR-xx750F, XBR-xxA8F, KD-xxX780F, KD-xx750F

2017 TVs:

XBR-xxX700E, XBR-xx750E, XBR-xx800E, XBR-xx850E, XBR-xx900E, XBR-xx930E, XBR-xx940E, XBR-xxA1E

2017 Blu-ray Players:

UBP-X800, UBP-X1000ES

2016-2017 Blu-ray Players:

BDP-S1700, BDP-BX370, BDP-S3700, BDP-BX670, BDP-S6700

2016 TVs:

KDL-xxW600D, KDL-xx650D, KDL-xx750D, XBR-xxX850D, XBR-xxX930D, XBR-xx940D, XBR-xxX700D, XBR-xx750D, XBR-xx800D, XBR-xxZ9D

2015 TVs:

KDL-xxW800C, KDL-xxW850C, XBR-xxX830C, XBR-xxX850C, XBR-xxX900C, XBR-xxX910C, XBR-xxX930C, XBR-xxX940C

2015 Blu-ray Players:

BDP-Sxxx (BF), BDP-S1500, BDP-S3500, BDP-S5500, BDP-S6500

2014-2016 Blu-ray Players:

BDV-N5200W, BDV-N7200W

2014 Blu-ray Players:

BDP-S1200, BDP-S3200, BDP-S5200/BDP-BX520, BDP-S6200, BDP-S7200

2013 Blu-ray Players:

BDV-E2100, BDV-E3100, BDV-N7100W, BDV-N8100W, BDP-S1100, BDP-S3100, BDP-S5100


Please check on your Sony device for the most recent firmware update.


Dedicated connection of 3000 Kbps


United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados