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MLB.TV Help Center

2019 MLB.TV Postseason Access in the US

Authentication to a participating Pay TV Provider is required in order to watch select 2019 MLB Postseason games live in the U.S. Blackouts and other restrictions apply. On-demand archives are available 90 minutes after the end of the game. Live radio is available.

Am I Eligible to Authenticate in order to watch the Postseason on MLB.TV in the U.S.?

For a full list of participating Pay TV Providers please click here. Authentication availability changes based on game.

Which Postseason Games are Available on MLB.TV in the U.S.?

To view the full postseason schedule please click here. Not all games are available.

Which Devices are Available to watch the Postseason on MLB.TV in the US?

Please click here to view eligible devices. Device availability changes based on game.

I'm an Eligible US Subscriber, How do I authenticate to my Pay TV Provider?

To authenticate to a Pay TV Provider please click here. Please follow the instructions to authenticate.

I'm an International Subscriber, Can I View 2019 Postseason Games on MLB.TV?

Yes, live and on-demand 2019 Postseason games are available on MLB.TV outside of the US if you are an International subscriber.