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MLB.TV Credit

A rollover credit applied to the account of certain MLB.TV subscribers.

In 2020, in connection with the shortened MLB season, MLB adjusted the subscription price of MLB.TV Yearly and MLB.TV Single Team. Subscribers to those products who paid the full subscription price before the shortened season was announced were offered the choice to receive a partial refund or an account credit for the difference between their paid price and the lower, adjusted price. The 2021 MLB.TV Credit Rollover is the dollar credit applied to the accounts of subscribers who exercised the latter option.

Example of how the 2021 MLB.TV Credit Rollover works for eligible subscribers:

An eligible MLB.TV Yearly subscriber paid $121.99 before the shortened 2020 season was announced. When the shortened season was announced, this subscriber’s subscription price was adjusted to $45.18. If the subscriber chose to receive the credit rollover, the difference between the paid price and the adjusted price ($76.81) was rolled over and applied as an account credit. For the 2021 season, this subscriber will be charged the current regular full price ($129.99) less any account credit, which in this example equals $53.18 (plus applicable sales tax on certain purchases as required by law, including any applicable VAT Tax).

Please note the 2021 MLB.TV Credit Rollover does not apply to MLB.TV Monthly Subscribers.