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After a 30 run spectacle on Saturday that saw the Yankees win 17-13, New York came from behind in stunning fashion in game 2 with a 12-8 win, holding off the Red Sox to clinch the series. 

Victories also came for Freddie Mercury and King Henry VIII in the entertaining Giant Mascot Race while The Freeze shared the spoils with his challengers across the two days.

Renditions of 'Take me out to the ball game' rang around the stadium in the 7th inning stretch, with vocal chords well and truly warmed up from the stunning pre-game performances of Tom Walker and Craig David.

Fireworks and streamers were a fitting way to signify the end of the historic series as fans in London were treated to an action packed weekend.

Don't miss out on the next clash between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs at the Mitel & MLB Present London Series 2020.

Jimmy Carr pitches baseball to the UK

Major League Baseball arrives in London.

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