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Improved Ballpark Entry

In response to fan feedback, several changes have been made to help speed up the process of getting into the ballpark.

  • Two CLEAR Sports lanes (with free registration kiosk) for expedited entry for CLEAR members. Learn More >>
  • Additional entry points with walk-through metal detectors.
  • Improved exterior signage and increased staffing outside gates.
  • Stricter enforcement of existing Major League Baseball security restrictions on bag size.
  • No knives of any size or type are permitted.
  • No re-entry.
  • Fans will be permitted to bring in one 32oz sealed, clear plastic water bottle per person.

CLEAR Sports Lanes
CLEAR lanes will be available at T-Mobile Park, one at Home Plate Gate and one at Left Field Gate. An enrollment kiosk at the Home Plate gate will allow guests to sign up for the free CLEAR Sports service. Access to CLEAR airport screening is not included with the free registration. Those who have CLEAR airport service already have sports venue access. Enrollment requires a valid U.S. driver's license or state I.D., personal information including name, date and place of birth, email and a fingerprint scan. The process takes about five minutes and can be used immediately upon approval. CLEAR lane users will still go through bag screening and a metal detector. Learn More >>

Additional Points of Entry
For games expected to draw large crowds, additional entry points with walk-through metal detectors can be added around T-Mobile Park. These additional gates can expand ingress capacity by up to 20%.

Increased Staffing & Improved Signage
New signage that provides information to fans about prohibited items, bag size restrictions and metal detector procedures is being added outside gates. Additional Mariners event staff will be stationed outside the ballpark pregame to direct fans to gates with shorter lines and help guests prepare to go through metal detectors more quickly by removing cellphones, car keys and change from pockets.

Bag Size Restrictions
Per MLB regulations, only bags 16" x 16" x 8" or smaller are permitted inside T-Mobile Park. Guests will be able to check their bags for size outside the gates. Any oversized bags will not be allowed inside the ballpark. 

No Claim Check for Knives
No knives, regardless of size or type, are allowed inside T-Mobile Park. In the past, guests could check their knives to be claimed later. Guests will now have the option of returning the banned item to their vehicle, stowing it in a paid locker, or surrendering it at the gate. No claim check service will be provided.

No Re-Entry
In 2017, the Mariners were one of only eight MLB teams that allowed re-entry. Guests were permitted to scan in and out multiple times with the same ticket, which added to congestion at entry screening locations. Eliminating re-entry will reduce the number of guest screenings per game, speeding up the entry process for everyone. This change brings the Mariners in line with MLB's recommended best practices for improved guest safety. Exceptions will be made in case of emergency.

Bottled Water
Guests can bring one clear, plastic water bottle into T-Mobile Park. Bottles must be sealed and cannot be larger than 32 ounces. Oversized bottles or those with broken seals must be surrendered at the gate. All other beverage containers, including coffee cups, are still prohibited.