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Create your very own fan cutout!

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How long after I order my fan cutout will it be installed in T-Mobile Park?
Your fan cutout will be installed within 7-10 business days from the time of purchase.

Will I be able to select my seat location?
No. Fan cutout(s) will be placed randomly throughout T-Mobile Park.

If I order multiple fan cutout(s), will they be seated together?
Yes. All fan cutout(s) purchased on the same order will be seated together.

Will I know where my fan cutout(s) is sitting?
We are working on a solution to provide you with the location of your fan cutout(s).

Will I get a photo of my fan cutout(s)?
We are working on a solution to provide you with the ability to see a photo of your fan cutout(s).

Can there be multiple people within one image on a fan cutout?
No, only one Mariners fan per cutout.

What qualifies as my fan cutout(s) “catching” a ball?
It is considered “catching” a ball if your fan cutout(s) gets directly hit with a baseball on the fly.

What if my fan cutout(s) “catches” a foul ball or home run?
If your fan cutout(s) “catches” a foul ball by any player (on the Mariners or opposing team), we will mail you the baseball. If your fan cutout(s) “catches” a home run by a Mariners player, we will send you the baseball. If your fan cutout(s) “catches” an opposing players home run, the ball will not be mailed out.

How will I know if my fan cutout(s) “catches” a foul ball or home run?
We will contact you via the email you used when ordering your fan cutout(s).

Will my fan cutout(s) remain at T-Mobile Park for the entire 2020 season?
Yes, once your fan cutout(s) is installed it will remain there for the entire 2020 season.

Will I get my fan cutout(s) back at the end of the 2020 season?
No. Fan cutout(s) will only live within T-Moblie Park and not be returned after the conclusion of the season.

What if the season gets delayed or cancelled?
All payments made to purchase a fan cutout(s) are final and in no event shall such payments be refunded for any reason, including but not limited to the delay, suspension or early termination of 2020 MLB Season.

How does my purchase benefit COVID-related relief efforts?
A portion of each sale will benefit All in Washington, a coordinated, statewide relief effort that supports workers and families who have been acutely affected by the COVID-19 crisis. For more information or to donate to All in Wa, please visit

Guidelines for Uploading Your Photo

Throw on your Mariners gear and follow these simple guidelines to help you create the best photo of yourself

How to navigate the best photo for Mariners Seat Fleet

Please note, we are unable to create cutouts that include the following:

  • More than one individual in a photo.
  • Commercial advertisements, including slogans, websites, social media handles and phone numbers.
  • Offensive or negative references to any MLB team.
  • Opposing MLB teams clothing.
  • Statements or endorsements of political candidates.
  • Third party marks/logos/branding on clothing or in the background of photos

The Seattle Mariners reserve the right to refuse any photos. Images that portray obscene, lewd, explicit, discriminatory, derogatory, violent, offensive, infringing or otherwise inappropriate content are strictly prohibited and will be discarded; all sales are final and refunds will not be awarded. View Consent, Assignment, and Release