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All-Star Club News

Upcoming Menus

Menus for March 26 – April 1 will be posted in mid-March.

All-Star Club Experience

Ballpark Policies

No Re-Entry
Re-Entry is not allowed at T-Mobile Park. Fans can no longer scan out and re-enter later with the same ticket. This change in policy brings T-Mobile Park in line with the majority of other MLB facilities and in compliance with MLB recommended best practices for fan safety. Fans are reminded to give themselves plenty of time to pass through bag check and walk-through metal detectors at security checkpoints at all gates.

Bag Size Restrictions
Bags are restricted to 16" x 16" x 8". No oversized bags will be allowed inside T-Mobile Park. A paid locker service is available on the plaza next to the Mariners Garage.

T-Mobile Park has two CLEAR Lanes to expedite entry at the Home Plate Gate and Left Field Gate. Registration is free, takes only a few minutes and fans can begin using the CLEAR Lanes immediately after signing up.

Bottled Water
It is now okay to bring in one, sealed, clear plastic water bottle per fan. The bottles must be 32 ounces or smaller. Open containers, or bottles containing other drinks, are still prohibited.

Meet the All-Star Club Team