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Seat Relocation Program FAQ

Q: I'm happy with my current season ticket location; do I have to take part in Seat Relocation?
A: No. We will automatically enroll all renewing Season Ticket Members into Seat Relocation. If you are satisfied with your current seat location, you do not need to do anything during your appointment time; your season tickets will remain untouched on your account.

Q: What if I cannot relocate my seats during my allotted time?
A: If you are not able to relocate your seats during your assigned appointment time, contact your account executive directly to schedule a phone or in-person appointment to view available seat locations.

Q: I have multiple Season Ticket Plans in my account. Can I upgrade all my plans at the same time?
A: We recommend that you relocate each plan separately. Seat relocation online can only be done for equal number of tickets (2 season tickets must be relocated for 2 season tickets, etc.). If you have multiple types of plans (i.e. Full Season and 20-Game Plan), please only choose one plan at a time to relocate as that will allow for viewing the best available locations catered to each specific plan.

Q: I have a Half, Weekend or Business Plan. Will I be able to relocate my plan?
A: All renewing Half Season Plans are able to keep their same seats for the 2020 season but we are no longer offering new Half Season Plans. During Relocation, you will be able to upgrade your plan and look at Full Season Plan options.

Q: There is a set of three seats together in a great location, but I only want two seats. Can I move into that location?
A: No, you cannot leave a single seat. If you wish to move to the better location, you must take all seats. However, if there is a set of five seats together and you only want two that is permissible, as long as you are not leaving a single seat on one side or the other.

Q: I relocated my seats but there was not a difference of price in my location. Why do I have to put my credit card information into the system again?
A: Everyone that relocates their seats must select a payment plan and enter their credit card information to confirm the new seat location. On the final billing page, it will reflect any additional charges that will accrue. If there is no charge reflected, you will not be charged anything in addition during this process. If you are upgrading your seats or changing into a larger plan, there will be a charge reflected on your final billing screen.

Q: I have annually placed a request to improve my seats, yet my seats have never been moved. Other people seem to get moved - am I doing something wrong?
A: If you make this request every season, you are doing everything right. There are several possible reasons why you have not been able to move: 1) there may have been no, or very few, cancellations in the area you requested; 2) those who have moved may have been Season Ticket Members longer, had particular needs, or moved to an area with fewer Season Ticket Members; or 3) your request may have been too specific (i.e. Only considering aisle seats).

Q: I exchanged my tickets for a game last year and was able to sit in some great seats. Can I relocate to that location?
A: If those particular seats are available during Relocation, then they are available as season tickets and you may select those new seats. However, it's unlikely that the seats you exchanged your tickets for are available on a season basis. They may have been available because another Season Ticket Member exchanged out of them, or they could be seats that the Club doesn't sell on a season basis due to Club and MLB needs. If this is the case, the seats will not be available for Relocation.

Additional questions? Please contact your Account Executive or the Season Ticket Hotline at (206) 346-4003. We look forward to helping you relocate your season tickets for the 2020 season!