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Inspiration Village

The Inspiration Village project was initiated in July 2010 through a partnership between the Miami Marlins and Food For The Poor. Not long after the January 2010 earthquake that left over 300,000 casualties in its wake, Marlins and Food For The Poor representatives visited Haiti to witness the destruction first-hand. Upon their return, they launched the Homes For Haiti campaign, raising funds to construct a new community for some of the Haitian citizens left homeless by the earthquake.

Within a relatively short time, over one million displaced individuals resettled in Haiti's more rural areas, according to population migration data tracked since the 2010 earthquake. Due to the availability of land and the need to develop communities in more remote parts of the country, Food For The Poor subsequently concentrated their reconstruction efforts in these regions.

Inspiration Village today houses and shelters 61 families, providing each household with personal sanitation units. Additionally, the community has a water well, solar-powered water purification units, and a community center that offers education in agricultural practices and animal husbandry, as well as vocational skills training. Because of these services, farmers are achieving maximum results from their agrarian efforts, allowing them to support their families and continuing the sustainability of Inspiration Village.