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Ozzie ejected in first game of doubleheader

PHO View Full Game Coverage ENIX -- Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is no stranger to being ejected.

Game 1 of Wednesday's doubleheader marked the 28th time he's been tossed in his managerial career. Still, the circumstances were a first.

"I've been ejected 27 times; that one was a weird one," Guillen said.

Immediately after Jose Reyes was caught stealing to end the top of the third inning, Guillen was ejected by first-base umpire Angel Campos.

Guillen says he never got an explanation, and he believes it was because he threw water from the dugout onto the direction of the field.

The Marlins' bench was arguing that Arizona lefty Tyler Skaggs balked a couple of pitches before he threw over and got Reyes leaning. Carlos Lee was at the plate, and initially, broadcasters believed Lee felt he was being quick-pitched. But Guillen said the contention was over Skaggs' move prior to catching Reyes.

"I was arguing balk," Guillen said. "I just told him, the guy balked two pitches before. I got kicked out of the game without even looking at him. The excuse they gave, he was saying I was throwing at him. I never did. I was throwing water on the field. The players told me I got kicked out of the game."

The Marlins went on to lose, 3-2.

It was Guillen's second ejection this season, with the other coming on June 26 against the Cardinals.

After being thrown out, Guillen sprang from the dugout to argue with Campos. Crew chief Jim Joyce stepped between the two, and Guillen continued his animated verbal exchange with Joyce.

"The only thing I wanted to know was why I got kicked out of the game," the manager said. "That's all I asked.

"I was chasing him to tell me, 'Why you kick me out of the game?' If you kick me out of the game for a reason, was it just because you thought I was throwing water at you, or I was just arguing a balk? When you balk, you are not supposed to argue balks. I know that. This is my 30th year in the big leagues, and I know that. If you kick me out, and you don't answer me, then I'm going to stay on the field as long as I can to make sure that you tell me. He never told me, and then I left."

Guillen and Joyce were in a heated conversation for several minutes, causing a mild delay before the D-backs came to bat in the third inning.

"I wish and appreciate if Major League Baseball sends me a note, like they always do," Guillen said. "Why did I get kicked out of a game? I want to know on the form, when he says why. If this man says it's because I throw water, he's wrong. Because I never even think about throwing water on him. After I threw the water, I picked up another water, and the players on the bench told me I got kicked out of the game. All my bench told me I just got kicked out of the game."

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