'Crossed signals' lead to Mattingly's ejection

September 16th, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- Mistakes by the umpiring crew on Brewers lineup changes led to Marlins manager Don Mattingly being ejected for the fifth time this season in the Marlins' 10-2 loss on Friday night at Miller Park.

When Brewers manager Craig Counsell made substitutions in the seventh inning, home-plate umpire Ryan Additon signaled a double switch that would place catcher ninth in the batting order rather than seventh, as Milwaukee's skipper indicated.

When Pina batted seventh and singled, Mattingly spent time calmly questioning both Additon and crew chief Bill Miller before returning to the dugout.

"He did give us the double [switch sign], and I know he signaled upstairs, too," Mattingly said. "I saw it."

For their part, the umpires acknowledged the mistake.

"Ryan wrote them in as a straight change -- catcher into the seventh spot, pitcher into the ninth spot -- then he accidentally made a mistake and signaled the scoreboard and Mattingly that there was a double switch," Miller told a pool reporter. "So, in that situation, obviously we're not going to penalize the Brewers for a mistake that was made by the umpire."

Mattingly said Additon made another signaling error in the eighth inning, prompting the Marlins' skipper to bolt from the dugout and angrily complain, quickly getting tossed by Additon for his 27th career ejection as a manager.

"It was just confusion," Mattingly said while collecting his thoughts after his team lost for the 16th time in 18 contests.

The weekend series, moved to Milwaukee from Miami due to Hurricane Irma, was considered a home game for the Brewers -- but Milwaukee batted in the top half of each inning.

Midway through the seventh, Counsell substituted Pina into the seventh spot in the lineup and reliever Jared Hughes into the ninth slot. With one out and coming to the plate in the eighth, Counsell noticed a mistake on the scoreboard and checked with Additon to make sure Pina was batting seventh.

"Somewhere the signals got crossed," Counsell said.

Thames homered off to give Milwaukee the lead for good at 3-2. Pina followed with a single, and Mattingly came out to question whether the Brewers had batted out of order.

If the Brewers had batted out of order, Pina would have been called for the second out of the inning. It was significant because followed with a flyout, which would have ended the frame.

Instead, the next six Milwaukee batters reached base and scored, giving the Brewers a 10-2 lead. Before the offensive barrage was over, hit a grand slam and slugged a three-run homer.

"At that point, it didn't change anything," Mattingly said. "Obviously, it changes [things] if he hits out of turn from what they signaled."

Midway through the eighth, the Brewers made several more substitutions, including inserting reliever into the fifth spot in the order, replacing Hughes, who was in the ninth slot. Mattingly said Additon miscommunicated that change, too.

"He did it again the next inning, too," Mattingly said. "The wrong one. It was just confusion. I don't want to get into it."