Any potential Mets trades likely for pitching

Club keeping its eyes open for starters or relievers

July 19th, 2016
GM Sandy Alderson and the Mets are taking a wait-and-see approach. (Getty)

CHICAGO -- Considering the flurry of moves the Mets made prior to last year's non-waiver Trade Deadline, it is easy to forget the team did not spring the first of them -- and from the Braves for prospects -- until July 24.

The Mets actually began shaking things up earlier this year, acquiring in May and signing in June. But for at least right now, they are in wait-and-see mode regarding further moves.

With nearly two full weeks to go before this year's Aug. 1 Deadline, the Mets are canvassing the market for starters and relief pitchers, according to team insiders, but only still on a general level. Potential deals range from aggressive -- a bona fide starting pitcher that the team could plug into its rotation -- to a small deal for bullpen help the most likely scenario.

Part of the Mets' hesitation in mid-July is their uncertainty over what they have in-house. The Mets want to see take another turn or two as their fifth starter before reaching a conclusion on his ability to hold that role. They want to watch how progresses, now that he is again throwing bullpen sessions on his road back from Tommy John surgery. And they want to continue keeping tabs on , their best starting pitching prospect at Triple-A Las Vegas. Any of those three could be the Mets' fifth starter down the stretch.

If none of those options seem appealing 10 days from now, the Mets might grow aggressive in their pursuit of a starting pitcher who could knock Verrett to the bullpen. Though high-profile names include Atlanta's , Oakland's and Tampa Bay's , the Mets' limited prospect stash makes them more likely to pursue a rental type, such as of the A's.

No matter what they do with their rotation, the Mets will continue looking for a right-handed reliever to help them in the sixth and seventh innings. Potential options include two players with Mets ties: of the D-backs and of the Angels.

Trading for a position player would be a trickier proposition, likely requiring the Mets to deal someone already on their 25-man roster. For general manager Sandy Alderson and company, that remains far less likely than a deal for a pitcher.