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Purchasing Your Future Stars Tickets

Below are step-by-step instructions for purchasing your Future Stars tickets using our Groupmatics ticketing system. Your league representative will provide you with your league's unique website and password.

If your league does not yet have an unique website and password, please contact contact Jake Winowich at [email protected] or 718-559-3135.

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Step 7:

Future Stars tickets can only be ordered online through your league's dedicated website.

Method of payment is by credit card only.

Delivery of tickets is by email only.

If you require assistance with your purchase, please contact Mark Phillips at the

New York Mets at 718-565-4350 or [email protected]

New York Mets Bag Policy

Please note: Backpacks may not be brought into Citi Field except as otherwise provided in the Citi Field Bag Policy. For a complete list of permitted bags please click the Read More button below.