Explaining Nats Players Weekend nicknames

August 25th, 2017

When the Nationals host the rival Mets this weekend for a four-game set, Nationals Park will also be the host of Major League Baseball's inaugural Players Weekend.

Fans will receive a glimpse into each player's personality when all players wear colorful, non-traditional uniforms with alternative designs, and players will also be able to wear and use colored and designed spikes, batting gloves, wristbands, compression sleeves, catcher's masks and bats.

On the uniform, players will also wear nicknames on the back of their jerseys and a patch to recognize a person or persons who aided their career. Here's a breakdown of the Nationals' nicknames and patches (both were optional).

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Matt Albers: "Albie"

Albers said he could not think of anything else, so he went for a play on his last name.

Tribute patch: Mom & Dad -- Credits them for all they did to help raise him.

Joe Blanton: "Joe B"

A combination of his first name and last initial.

Tribute patch: Mom, Dad, LeeAndra Adalia, Leyla, Mateo

: "El Lindo"

"El Lindo" translates from Spanish to "beautiful." The nickname came from , who playfully teases Difo about being beautiful.

Tribute patch: Mi Familia -- Difo also wanted to highlight his family and especially his mother.

: "Doooooooo"

Doolittle wanted as many O's as possible, hoping they would wrap around his jersey. This has also become a popular chant when he takes the mound for saves at Nationals Park.

Tribute patch: Ryan/My Family -- Doolittle chose his brother, Ryan, because he was his unofficial pitching coach when he converted from a position player.

: "Double G"

Gonzalez decided to use his initials.

Tribute patch: Mom, Dad & Brother/Lea & Enzo -- Family means a lot to Gonzalez and is his support system each and every day.

: "B. Good"

Goodwin's nickname is a play on his name.

Tribute patch: Mom&Dad/God -- "Because none of this would be possible without them. They sacrificed just as much as I sacrificed for me to be here," Goodwin said.

: "Gracey"

A variation of his last name, and how most of his teammates refer to him.

Tribute patch: My Family -- For driving him two or three hours most weekends to baseball tournaments growing up. "Just in general, being almost as invested as I am," Grace said.

: "E. Jax"

A combination of his first and last name, "one of the few nicknames that's been around," Jackson said.

Tribute patch: Mom & Dad -- "Just for the support. They're the creators, the backbone, the support system ... just a little thanks," Jackson said.


They are the initials of Kelley's two children. He used to write it on his glove and thinks it will be cool for them to see it on the back of his jersey on the mound.

Tribute patch: Mom & Dad -- "I'm pretty boring," Kelley said with a laugh, but he wanted to honor his parents for their contributions.

: Using last name

: Using last name

: "Donnie"

A nod to the character Donny from the 1998 film "The Big Lebowski and a nickname Lind received in college at the University of South Alabama.

Tribute patch: Mom -- Like many players, Lind wanted to credit the person who raised him.

: "Lobi"

It's the name everyone calls him, so Lobaton believes it will be cool to wear on the back of his jersey.

Tribute patch: Familia y Dios/Nina, Manuel, Valentina -- "My parents, they kind of pushed me to stay here. And my wife and my kids, they're always cheering for me no matter what," he said.

: "Murph"

How Murphy is commonly known by fans, teammates and coaches alike.

Tribute patch: Jesus -- Murphy is a deeply religious person and it is important in his everyday life.

: "Ollie"

A variation of his first name and how the veteran is often referred to by players, coaches and around the league.

Tribute patch: !Gracias Dios! -- This translates to thank heavens/God, but Perez wanted to also credit his father for allowing him to move away from home in Mexico at the age of 16 to pursue his MLB dream.

: "Ant"

Rendon's nickname is a shortened version of his first name.

Tribute patch: Family -- "They've been my support system my whole life," Rendon said.

: "T-Ro"

Like many players, Roark decided to use a combination of his first and last name.

Tribute patch: Mom/Dad -- "They've been with me through a lot," Roark said.

: "El Chamo"

"El Chamo" translates to kid in English.

Sammy Solis: "Show-Show"

After his brief stint in the Majors in 2015, Solis returned to the Minors and his teammates jokingly started calling him "Show-lis." Eventually the name evolved into "Show-Show."

: "Stevo"

His nickname in college and in the Minors.

Tribute patch: Mom & Dad -- "They were able to bring me to all the tournaments growing up and made some sacrifices, spent some weekends and weeks away from home when maybe financially it could have been tight," Stevenson said.

: "Stras"

A shortened version of his last name and how his teammates and coaches refer to him.

Tribute patch: TG19 -- For Tony Gwynn and his number 19. He was Strasburg's idol growing up in San Diego and watching Gwynn play got him into baseball. Eventually Gwynn was Strasburg's coach and father figure at San Diego State.

Michael A. Taylor: "Mikey T"

A combination of his first name and last initial.

Tribute patch: Lula Taylor/Tony Taylor -- Taylor's parents who he called a huge part of why he is in the Majors, taking him to travel ball and Little League games. "It's a good time to remember them for all that they've done for me," he said.

: "Triple T"

A variation on "Triple Trea," a nickname given to him by during Turner's electric rookie season in 2016 when he hit eight triples after being promoted to the Majors.

Tribute patch: Mom&Dad -- "They've sacrificed more for me than I realized. I just assume that when I wanted to play in a baseball game as a little kid it was easy, but they had to pay for tons of things and I try to thank them as much as I can," Turner said.

Matt Wieters: "Wiety"

A variation of his last name and often how his teammates, especially the starting pitchers, refer to him.

Tribute patch: Mom & Dad/Jesus -- Wieters, who is also very religious, chose both because of the sacrifices they made for him.

: "Zim"

The nickname Zimmerman is commonly referred to by fans and his teammates.

Tribute patch: My Family -- Zimmerman credited his family for the support they have shown him in his career.