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2013 Home Run Derby Candidates



The captains for the 2013 Home Run Derby at Citi Field have been set, and lo and behold, we've got some Big Apple representation!

David Wright of the All-Star Game host New York Mets and Robinson Cano of the crosstown New York Yankees have been charged with filling the other three slots for their respective leagues.

The MLB Fan Cave Dwellers picked who they thought should join Wright and Cano in Queens on July 15 - here's what we came up with:

Evan Gattis (6 votes) - Best story in Major League Baseball this season. Who doesn't want the Oso Blanco in the derby? Just Marcus Hall. Take it up with him (@_mha11).

Domonic Brown (4) - A historic May skyrocketed Brown to the top of the N.L. home run race. May not have the name recognition, but he's got the numbers to back it up.

Carlos Gonzalez (3)

Paul Goldschmidt (2)

Joey Votto

Bryce Harper

Troy Tulowitzki

Yasiel Puig - It was not Dodgers Dweller Aaron Roberts (@bertsball) who made this pick. So don't call him a homer.

Dusty Baker using Brandon Phillips' bat - Aaron was responsible for this one.

Swan Uribe, but only if he does it while smoking a cigar - And this one. #homer

Chris Davis (7) - It's unanimous. Fan Cave favorite and Major League home run leader Crush Davis had better be cranking some dingers onto the Shea Bridge.

Edwin Encarnacion (3) - Did somebody say "Chicken Wing"? It may lengthen the derby, but we'd all like to see Edwin round the bases after each long ball.

Jose Bautista (2) - Teammates in the derby? We've seen it before with Adrian Gonzalez and Big Papi in 2011!

Adam Dunn (2)

Prince Fielder

Miguel Cabrera

Nelson Cruz

David Ortiz

Yoenis Cespedes

Justin Verlander - You guessed it. Aaron.

Sluggerrr (Royals mascot) - Do I even need to tell you?

Who would you like to see in the Home Run Derby? Comment below or tweet @MLBFanCave using #HRDerby.