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A Guide to San Francisco: World Baseball Classic 2013

The World Baseball Classic is coming to San Francisco for the 2013 Semi-Finals and Finals, and I could not be happier! This city is tearing at the seams with culture, art, history and friendly people, so what better location to host the World Baseball Classic? I know there is going to be so much to do and see, especially if you’re visiting for the first time, so I wanted to make a list of my favorite things to do in SF for those attending the World Baseball Classic.

1. Get a coffee: One of my favorite parts about the city is that we have a café on every corner. Actually, if I were you, I would build up my caffeine tolerance two weeks before your trip.

2. Buy a loaf of fresh made sourdough, and eat it plain. I’m pretty sure sourdough is the best thing on the planet—no wait, it IS the best thing on the planet. If you’re in Little Italy, stop by Danilo’s and pick up a loaf. If you’re on the wharf, Boudin’s is also a cool place to check out.

3. At the park there are a couple things you need to eat (did I mention you’re going to be eating a lot in SF? ...The food is incredible). First off, the garlic aroma is going to grab you. DON’T FIGHT IT. You must have garlic fries ASAP. After you grab your fries, walk over past right field, and into the center field food area. You can’t miss it; there is a giant slide to your left. Here you will find crab sandwiches (a MUST for me) and Cha-Cha bowls. Get both, because you’ll be sad if you don’t.

4. There is not much I can say about the scenery and feel of the park. Words just won’t do the trick, as it is too incredible there. So after you grab your food, make sure to take in the view, take a TON of pictures and enjoy the game. Every seat is a great seat in the park, so you can’t lose. One reminder I have is to not eat all of your food!! The AT&T park seagulls have become an icon of SF. They won’t bite, I promise. They just want your food, so save them a little treat.

5. After the game, head on over to the Mission. I hope your're hungry, because it’s time for Mexican food. Really, every single place is so great, so you cannot go wrong at all.

I hope this list helps! If you even just experience one of the five, I think you will be very pleased. Enjoy my favorite city in the world. Take a trip to the MoMA, Legion of Honor, and Twin Peaks if you have a moment. It is well worth it! I am going to have an incredible time at the World Baseball Classic, and I know you will too! See you in March.