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A.J. Burnett's Spelling Troubles

It's been a rough couple of days for Pirates pitcher A.J. Burnett. First, on Sunday his rosin bag exploded for the SECOND time this season.

Today, the teams for next week's Home Run Derby were announced. Burnett took issue with teammate Pedro Alvarez being left off the NL squad. Only problem was that Burnett misspelled Alvarez's name not once, not twice but THREE TIMES! He finally settled for his nickname "El Toro."

A.J., c'mon, son. Don't blame auto correct. You've been his teammate for more than a season and a half. You see him every day. Can't be that hard to spell his name. Next time you second guess how to spell a teammate's name, use Google. Regardless, I'm sure Pedro still appreciates you having his back.