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Anne in the Stands: How do I love thee?

Dear Milwaukee Brewers (aka the winningest team in baseball, winners of nine straight games before April 14),

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

I love the pitching staff, specifically Lohse's arm and his steady concentration as he fans nine batters.

I love Gomez's amazing ability to smack the ball with men on base.

I love Segura's swift double-step as he gets set to throw to first.

I love both Braun's and Overbay's ability to drive the ball and slide into second.

I love Ramirez's strength.

I love Ron Roenecke's calm, steady leadership and his patient responses to reporters' questions.

Most of all, I am crazy about this year's win/loss record 10-3, as of April 15!

I confess I love boasting about my Brewers!

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