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Astros Picnic in the Park

Last we saw Lucas Harrell and Co., they were starring in “Astros at the Movies” while visiting the MLB Fan Cave.

They’re still showing off those acting chops, and this time they had access to a wardrobe closet…for better or for worse.

During Tuesday’s Rockies-Astros game, I caught a glimpse of Brandon Barnes and Bud Norris sporting some fancy headwear and scarves, Justin Maxwell in a beret and then Harrell in a top hat.

That’s when I knew I had to hop on and take some screen shots.

They’re promoting Picnic in the Park on June 16 to benefit the Houston Astros Foundation, and even Orbit made an appearance.

The picnic starts 45 minutes after Houston faces the Chicago White Sox, the team that drafted Harrell.

Who knows, maybe he’ll talk former teammates like Jake Peavy and Paul Konerko into showing up!