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Backup catcher Chirinos feeling fine

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Robinson Chirinos sustained a concussion last year during Spring Training and ended up missing the entire season. But the 28-year-old catcher is back and reported that "everything is fine."

"It's back to where it was before," Chirinos said. "…It's hard when you miss so much time. Now I feel good. My arm feels really good, my swing is really good. So everything is back."

Chirinos played in Venezuela during the winter to make sure all systems would be a go this spring.

"I went to play winter ball, so that means I'm ready to go," Chirinos said.

Chirinos experienced the first post-concussion shot, or test, to his head during an instructional league game in the fall.

"I was a little scared to get hit again," Chirinos said. "But I got hit and nothing happened."

Looking back, Chirinos remembered the worst part of his ordeal as not being able to sleep.

"I was sleeping like two or three hours a night," Chirinos said. "It was consistent every night. Finally they found a pill that would make me sleep, and it was better. I think when they find that pill and I was sleeping better, that's when I started feeling better, because it was hard going through the day without sleeping."

Chirinos said he wouldn't want anybody to have to go through what he experienced last summer.

"It's something really bad to go through," Chirinos said. "My family was there for me, and God was there, giving me the strength to get up every day. I kept believing I was getting better."

And now?

"I'm doing what I love again," Chirinos said.