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Belisle: Rockies still showing fight

Reliever says this season in Colorado hasn't been easy

Where we stand right now as a club is pretty disappointing. I am very surprised that we are so far behind in the standings. I don't think that anybody here is shy to say that we are not happy with how this has come about.

I try to be a positive guy, and our group as a whole tries to be positive, but we have not won as many games as we know we are capable of. At the same time, at a time like this, I believe we can look at this as an opportunity. A lot of light can be shed during times like these and a lot of character is built now.

True colors are also shown. If somebody is not hanging tough, if somebody is not sticking it out until the end, we are going to see it and make sure that gets changed. One of the things that makes me proud is that not one of these guys has done that, and while we have won some games of late against some good teams, this has been very, very tough to swallow. However, each day we are still managing to come out and fight.

One of the positives that comes out of a season like this is that a lot of young guys get a taste of the big leagues. A lot of the young guys who are in our system and will help us in the future are getting their feet wet. They are seeing what this is all about. Each and every day, we are having some young guys come in here and step up and do well.

Sometimes the experience includes not getting the job done, but the learning that goes along with that to help prepare them for their next opportunity. I think that any time that your Minor League system is filled with prospects who can get this taste, it is a big thing. We are seeing some guys who have a good makeup and a lot of fight in them.

As one of the veteran players on this team, I try to be a good example every day. We have a core group of guys who have been around this club for a few years, and we are asked to spread that culture around and to be vocal if need be. I am honored to be asked to do that, and my teammates and I have done a pretty job at it, I think. Can we do better? Yes, but we lead by example first, and when you see a chance to put your foot down or steer a guy in the right way, we go ahead and do it.

One of our key veteran guys is Todd Helton, who won't play again this season. It seems like we have been plagued by injuries all year, and with him and his surgery, it seems like we have been kicked again. It started with Troy Tulowitzki going down and that felt horrible, but we all know the competitive player that Helton is.

He has been the face of this franchise, and we all know what he stands for and despite the fact that he is not the most vocal guy, I think, the fact that he went down was a little more salt in the wound, so to speak. At the same time, we know when he does come back he will be healthy, but losing a guy like Todd is never good. What he does to our lineup, even when he is not on the top of his game, is good because the at-bats he takes are tremendous. They still pitch to him like he is hitting .500.

Going forward, it is all about how we react to things. The way we react will help us build character. I honestly do believe that we are extremely close. I will put that up against anybody, and I will be with these guys as long as I can, and I will believe in them the whole way, because I do believe we are that close. We haven't quit. We have had to shake each other up a little bit and refocus, but by no means are we happy with how this season has unfolded.

This is veteran right-handed reliever Matt Belisle's fourth season with Colorado. Though his club is in last place in the National League West, Belisle, who won 10 games out of the bullpen last year, has thrown the ball well this year. He is 3-3 with a 2.84 ERA over a team-high 55 games.