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Best of Fantasy411 Twitter chat with Fred Zinkie fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Friday.

To learn from someone who's been there and won that, read the best questions from Friday's chat below. For a full viewing of the Q&A -- or to ask fantasy questions of your own -- go to @Fantasy411 on Twitter.

Additional fantasy advice can be found at's 2015 Player Preview and's fantasy home.

(Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.)

Q: @U_neek81 Who do you see having a possible Corey Kluber-like breakout year this season?

A: Alex Cobb, Jake Arrieta and Zack Wheeler are all possibilities.

Video: Outlook: Cobb has potential to be top-tier if healthy

Q: @sebvisser34 Josh Donaldson or Anthony Rendon?

A: Rendon. He's younger and has a more versatile skill set.

Q: @connorcassidy18 @ESPNFantasy Should I draft Carlos Gomez or Jose Bautista?

A: Go Gomez. He is a great five-category hitter to start a team with.

Q: @WernerESPNCU Does Joey Votto jump Albert Pujols and Adrian Gonzalez in a 6x6 league with OBP and SLG?

A: Because of injury concerns, he may still be a bit below them.

Q: @petea19 What are your realistic expectations for Josh Rutledge?

A: If he wins the Angels' second-base job, he could post 12 homers with 10 steals. He's a decent final-round pick in deep mixed leagues.

Q: @PDT4LIFE1 In a points league, would you rather keep Jay Bruce or Charlie Blackmon?

A: Bruce. He could return to the 30-homer level.

Q: @Epantoja_18 Who will have the better year; Jose Fernandez or Matt Harvey?

A: Harvey by a mile. He should throw twice as many innings.

Video: Outlook: Harvey set to return from Tommy John surgery

Q: @WebmasterColin In an 11-team AL-only league with a $260 salary, is Chase Headley worth keeping for more than one year at $5 (plus $5 per year)?

A: Probably for two years ($5, $10).

Q: @Epantoja_18 Do you expect a sophomore slump from Jose Abreu?

A: No. His skills are rock-solid. He has improved lineup support and a great home park. And he's at a prime age.

Q: @TroySports1 @MLB What are some tips for a dynasty league this year?

A: Don't overrate youth. Draft players in their prime and try to win now.

Q: @RickyRefunjol Is it being overlooked that James Shields won't pitch as many innings now that he is in the National League ?

A: The difference should be very small.

Q: @bombersbeat What is some advice for keeper leagues?

A: Mainly stick with hitters as keepers, unless you have top aces. Don't overrate especially young players.

Q: @BThomas62 What is the best auction strategy?

A: Go into the auction with specific values for every player. Expect to get discounts. Don't overspend early.

Q: @BigTimeNW I joined a dynasty league in which we keep 25 players. What are your expectations for Yoan Moncada?

A: Moncada will likely get zero at-bats this year. But he is worth stashing.

Q: @CowboysandNoles How do you see Chase Headley and Alex Rodriguez working? Will A-Rod see more time at designated hitter vs. third base?

A: Rodriguez should DH with Headley at third base.

Video: Outlook: Headley looking to re-establish power stroke

Q: @CowboysandNoles With a year off, will Alex Rodriguez still have third-base eligibility?

A: He will in most leagues. You should check yours to be safe.

Q: @Eryck3030 Who are your top-five sleeper picks at any position?

A: I'm bullish on Corey Dickerson, Cobb, Brian McCann, Marcus Stroman and Jason Hammel.

Q: @BigTimeNW Would you rather have David Wright or Mookie Betts in a keeper league?

A: Betts, despite the uncertain role. He could be terrific in one year's time.

Q: @_HappyMeal_ How would you rank these three pitchers: Stroman, Julio Teheran and Chris Archer?

A: Teheran, Stroman, Archer.

Q: @TheMaestro30 Is Chris Davis worth keeping as a bounceback candidate this year?

A: He should bounce back but don't expect anything close to 2013.

Q: @frogzilla87 Plus or minus 25 homers for Ryan Howard?

A: Minus. And I may take the minus on 20.

Q: @Exposfan1998 What is the likelihood that Kris Bryant is in the Majors to start the season?

A: 40 percent, and 80 percent that he is up at some point in April.

Q: @barrettag Do you project Aaron Sanchez as a closer or starter?

A: Could be neither. He may fill a setup role. I'm surprised the Blue Jays haven't inked a closer thus far.

Q: @yergen In what order do you rank Collin McHugh, Stroman, Jacob deGrom and Phil Hughes?

A: deGrom, Stroman, Hughes, McHugh.

Q: @john_zsoldos Wilmer Flores will hit 17 homers with 75 RBIs and a .280 batting average. Am I crazy?

A: Probably a little optimistic! But he has potential.

Q: @mstacey9 Please justify Arrieta over Sonny Gray.

A: They are close. Gray is a workhorse! Arrieta could post a higher strikeout rate and a lower WHIP.

Q: @Dan_Baldassarre Who is a better round-25 keeper -- for 2015 only -- in a 14-team head-to-head league: Josh Harrison or Javier Baez?

A: Harrison. Baez is a risk, with all the whiffs.

Video: Outlook: Harrison may regress after surprise 2014

Q: @madipuppy17 What are your expectations for Wright and Ryan Braun?

A: Braun could be second-rounder if the thumb is fine. Wright's durability will always be a concern.

Q: @mitchanderson15 Please discuss Christian Yelich and Dickerson.

A: I'm bullish on Dickerson. He can ride the Coors Field effect. Yelich should be solid.

Q: @danny_phantom95 Who is a better keeper: Manny Machado or Matt Carpenter? Both are late-rounders.

A: Carpenter if you are trying to win in 2015. If not, Machado.

Q: @TrayM8771 Should I keep Andrew Cashner or Henderson Alvarez?

A: Cashner. Alvarez has limited value until his strikeout rate improves.

Q: @mattkoz81 Who is a better keeper, Starling Marte or Dickerson?

A: Marte, but it's very, very close.

Q: @LukeMeals Who do you like better between Robinson Cano and Anthony Rizzo? Does position eligibility come into play? If so, how much?

A: It always comes into play, but go with Rizzo anyway.

Q: @sritsema11 Who is the best option for a league that has net stolen bases and total bases: Billy Hamilton or Dee Gordon?

A: They are very similar. Take Hamilton. He has higher upside.

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