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Big Leaguers Notebook: May 9

Tigers slugger Cabrera shows off his acting chops

• Miguel Cabrera has another talent on deck in case his baseball gig falls through. He and teammate Collin Balester visited the MLB Fan Cave last week to film a telenovela trailer ( Being a huge fan of the Latin American dramas, Cabrera embraced the role and stole the show with his acting talents. See for yourself: (MLB FanCave).

• Happy Cinco de May-OH NO! Mets players David Wright and Mike Nickeas joined bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello to dress as the Three Amigos before being swept by the Astros. If they're as superstitious as some, we probably won't be seeing these festive costumes anytime in the near future (Facebook).

• We'd like to tip our Kentucky Derby hats to Ryan Hanigan. The Reds' catcher enjoys breeding and racing horses when he is not behind home plate.

"Horse racing is big in this part of the country, and I had a couple of friends who are real knowledgeable and have been in the business. They taught me a lot about the business," he said.

Giddy up, Ryan! (Fox Sports Ohio)

• CHEW wanna take a guess? David Price gave away a baseball signed by all five Rays' starters to the follower who could correctly identify how many pieces of chewed gum he had photographed (Twitter).

• Eat, drink and play ball! Friends Ryan Braun and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers now have more than just sports in common. They're planning to open a new restaurant, 8*twelve, this summer (USA Today).

• Drew Storen is using recovery time from surgery to build his Twitter following. He takes "wearing your heart on your sleeve" to the next level by wearing his Twitter handle on his glove (CBS Sports).

• Earthlings unite! Jay Bruce and his Reds teammates did their part in helping out the planet by recycling computers and other electronics to celebrate Earth Day (

Tweet of the Day: "Pretty sure my time spent on the couch in high school watching TRL on @MTV helped my social life peak in college. #ThanksCarsonDaily" -- Nationals third baseman Mark Teahen (@ESPY_TEAHEN)

Quote of the Day: "Amazing. Everything that he has done is unbelievable. I have a lot of respect for him because of everything that he has done for the game, and even to come back after surgery is not easy to do. At his age, I'm very happy for him. It shows you when you put yourself into it, you can do a lot of good things." -- Mets pitcher Johan Santana on 49-year-old Jamie Moyer's comeback year (