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Bochy likes new dimensions at his former ballpark

SAN DIEGO -- Bruce Bochy's ears still might be ringing from the last few years of his San Diego managerial tenure, when Padres hitters loudly complained about Petco Park's spacious outfield dimensions.

Even Bochy, who switched from San Diego to San Francisco after the 2006 season, agreed that the right-center-field expanse could have been diminished slightly. "It was frustrating for hitters," Bochy said Friday in an understatement.

Padres management finally complied this year by adding inner walls to shorten the outfield barriers at Petco Park, which opened in 2004. Bochy refused to say anything remotely sounding like, "It's about time."

Said Bochy, "It's fair. I like the look of it. It's a beautiful ballpark. I wouldn't change that."

The depth to left-center field shrank from 402 feet to 390. The barrier ranging from the right-field line to right-center field went from 402 feet to 391. Moreover, an 8-foot-high wall replaced the previous one of 11 feet.

The lengths down the lines, 336 feet and 322 feet, respectively, have not changed. The 396-foot distance to the straightaway center-field wall also has remained constant.

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