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Boesch dealing with right oblique soreness

LAKELAND, Fla. -- The gut reaction to news that Brennan Boesch tweaked his right oblique while taking batting practice on Saturday afternoon is that nobody can afford an injury less than Boesch, who's trying to work his way back into the Tigers lineup.

But the fact that the Tigers' first Spring Training game isn't until next weekend, and that Boesch dealt with minor injuries last Spring Training means that Boesch has every reason to be cautious with an injury right now.

He's as aware as anyone how important this spring is for him. He had no qualms spending Sunday getting treatment.

"It's February. I don't want to take any chances right now," Boesch said. "Get it over with so I can get plenty of at-bats in Spring Training."

Boesch said he came to camp with some tightness there, but felt it on a swing on Saturday. He characterized it as a day-to-day situation.

"I'm optimistic I'll be out there in the next day or two," Boesch said. "The most important thing is not rushing it so I get all the at-bats I need in spring to compete and to prepare for the season."