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McCann, Freeman weighing injury treatment options

ATLANTA -- As the Braves' offseason begins, first baseman Freddie Freeman and catcher Brian McCann are weighing the best course of action to treat their injuries.

McCann expects he will need surgery to repair an injury to his right shoulder that has bothered him throughout the season.

"Everything I've been told indicates I'll need surgery," McCann said.

General manager Frank Wren said McCann will undergo additional tests to determine if surgery is necessary.

"I think we first have to determine if surgery is necessary, and that hasn't been determined yet," Wren said.

Freeman said he will continue to consult with doctors about how to treat his tear ducts, which have bothered him since the Braves' trip to Colorado in May. Lasik surgery is one option, but it is not recommended for people under 25. Freeman turned 23 less than a month ago.

Freeman said he will also receive a couple cortisone shots in his left index finger. He is hopeful the shots, combined with rest, will fully heal an injury he has dealt with since early June.