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All-Star postgame interview with Melky Cabrera

Q. Talk about what this means to you.

MELKY CABRERA: I've been working very hard for everything that I've seen throughout the All-Star Game.

Q. Did you expect to win the MVP?


Q. At a moment like this, when you've been to four teams in four years, and now you have a great game like this, on top of the baseball world, do you think about your journey to get here? Do you think about how long it took, how many teams you had to get to to be in this spot now?

MELKY CABRERA: I've been very happy with all of the teams that I've played at. They all treated me very well, but it's an executive decision in terms of being traded to another team.

Q. Talk about your opportunity to play in Kansas City again.

MELKY CABRERA: We are happy to be back here in Kansas City. The fans treated me very well. I'm also very happy and thankful that the fans in San Francisco voted for me to come and play in the All-Star Game.

Q. Could you introduce your guests to us and how much it means to you that they were able to share this experience?

MELKY CABRERA: It means a lot. It's a great gift that the Lord gave me to have my mom and have my grandmother present and the rest of my family which are in the back. It is something that inspires me to always give my best on the field.

Q. When you hit your home run, looked like you tried to get a high five from Robbie going around second base, and he was standing there with his hands on his hips. Did you really think he was going to give you a high five going around the bases?

MELKY CABRERA: No, not at all. He's the one that congratulated me and told me that it was a great home run, and he was very happy for me.

Q. Kansas City gave you an opportunity to play and to be a starter. How do you feel coming back to Kansas City in your first All-Star Game and winning the MVP?

MELKY CABRERA: I didn't come to win an MVP. That's just a surprise. It's a great gift that the Lord gave me. But the same opportunity that Kansas City gave me last year is the same opportunity that San Francisco is giving me every day to showcase my talent. Again, I'm just very thankful for the fans that voted for me to come here.

Q. Can you send a message for those in San Francisco, the "Melk Men." They have really pushed a lot and been advocates of you. Can you talk about the support of those seven or eight guys have had?

MELKY CABRERA: I want to say thanks to I think it's six guys that translate "Melk Men," and that's a part of me as well as the rest of the fans in San Francisco that have embraced me throughout the year.

Q. Talking about the support out in San Francisco, you guys are able to make it all the way, what would that mean?

MELKY CABRERA: It would be great, but I just have to keep focused and just keep doing the same thing that I've done in the first half, keep doing it in the second half and hopefully I can help my team make it to the playoffs.

Q. Kevin Long, the Yankees hitting coach, was quoted as saying last week that you had to recommit yourself to baseball to get to the level you've gotten to. If you agree that's true, what made you decide to do that?

MELKY CABRERA: I think the one person that has the most influence on me is the Lord. He is the one that embraced me in terms of playing better, my family, my mom, my grandmother, my girlfriend, and my attorney that spoke with me and told me that I needed to concentrate 100% in baseball, and also my personal trainer with whom I work during the off season.

Q. How surprised were you that the Royals traded you after you had such a great year for them?

MELKY CABRERA: You have to be mentally ready, physically ready, for those decisions that you have no control of. It was a business decision that the Royals traded me. San Francisco is my new team, and I'm very happy to be there.

Q. Your shoes, where did you get them? Could you describe them, and would you like to wear them for the rest of the season?

MELKY CABRERA: It was Nike that made them special for me. I brought my own spikes from San Francisco, but I wore them because I think they are cute.