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Oct. 7 Doug Fister postgame interview

Q.  How did this game compare to Game 5 of the last year's Division Series in Yankee Stadium?

DOUG FISTER:  I think the most important thing is the fact we battled the whole game.  Guys came off the bench.  From the starters to the relievers to the guys that came off the bench, everybody played together.

And I think that's the biggest momentum booster for us.  We've got guys coming off like Don Kelly, coming up big with the sac fly.  Those are things we need.  When one guy doesn't get it done, the next guy does.  We're backing everybody up and we have confidence in every one of us.

Q.  Talk about the early groove you were in this game.

DOUG FISTER:  It was a matter of letting the defense work.  I was really focused on pitch to pitch, keeping it down in the zone and trusting Gerald back there.  He did a tremendous job blocking curveballs in the dirt and just guys were making plays, and obviously the offense came out and put up a couple of runs for us.

Q.  107 pitches for you.  Was there any talk about maybe coming off of that 8th?  Were you feeling fatigued at any point?

DOUG FISTER:  Obviously I felt good.  You never want to come out of a game, but I definitely understand Skip's position.  We've got two great guys coming out of the bullpen at the back end there.  We've got full faith in them and trust in them.

So I have no problem coming out there.

Q.  Your manager says he doesn't believe in momentum.  But what about you players, especially after a day like today?

DOUG FISTER:  You know, I think it's a camaraderie‑building moment for us.  Having that energy, drive to rush the field and go congratulate everybody, and it's one of those things.

Yeah, Tuesday's going to come and it's a new day.  Anything can happen that day.  But it's a matter of we were feeling good about ourselves.  We've taken care of business here.

But we're going to enjoy the flight there, have a good workout tomorrow, and be ready for Tuesday.