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Oct. 22 Marco Scutaro postgame interview

Q.   Congratulations.  What does that trophy to your right mean to you after all these years?

MARCO SCUTARO:   It means a lot, man.  Just to be part of this team and just being in the playoff and having the opportunity to live this experience for me is unbelievable.  I play with a bunch of guys with a span of years in the Big Leagues and never had this opportunity to be in the playoff or play a World Series.  And now I'm going to be in the World Series and also this little gift right here makes it special.

Q.  It looked like you had a certain amount of joy tonight the way you played the game.  You made that nice play and then pirouetted, and then when the rain started coming down, what was going through your mind at that point?

MARCO SCUTARO:   Well, it was kind of weird.  It never rains here in the Bay Area.  I spent four years in Oakland and I don't think it rained once.

When I wake up this morning I just say to myself, whatever happens today I just going to try to enjoy this moment, and just go out there and have fun.  After we were 8 runs up or 9, something like that, and 9th inning, Game 7, I mean I just like ‑‑ so much stuff going through my head, just unbelievable.

Q.  Congratulations.  Great effort.  What's going through your mind when you're thinking about your teammates, because this team has been through so much adversity, losing Melky Cabrera, Brian Wilson was gone before the season.  You weren't here but you knew that.  Talk about the journey, because this has been an incredible journey, because Bruce was talking about coming off the deck six times.  Six times.  That's never been done before.

MARCO SCUTARO:   Yeah.  I mean, all those guys in there, I love every single one.  I think to win a championship it takes more than 25 guys.  It takes from the front office all the way to the bat boy, and you have to have that chemistry going.

And it's things like when we won that game in St. Louis, last game, that kind of got us going.  And just bringing the series here, back home, just like the way everybody went out there and took care of business it seems like got us going.  And my teammates, seems like, since day one, since I got traded here, they made me feel good.  They just welcome me here.  And when I got traded in the beginning I was thinking stuff like where am I going to live and family, packing, all the stuff.  But a couple of days later I was kind of happy just because the kind of team we had.  And just to have the opportunity to do something special, to be in the playoff.  And now here we are in the World Series.

Q.  It seems like only Hunter Pence could break his bat and spin the ball away just a frenetic style of play.  That had to bring a smile to your face.  Have you ever seen anything like that?

MARCO SCUTARO:   No, not really.  I don't even know what happened until like a couple of innings later when I saw the replay.  And I was like, wow.  I guess that's the way baseball is sometimes, when things are going your way, it seems like everything just work.

Like I say before, in this series the momentum can change real quick.  And I think when we won the last game in St. Louis, seems like the ball start bouncing our way.  So that's what you try to do when you're kind of against the wall.