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Oct. 28 Matt Cain postgame interview

Q. Talk about your acrobatic way getting out of the way of Sandoval on that bunt.  And how big a play that was to make Cabrera's home run a two‑run home run instead of a three‑run home run?

MATT CAIN:  Yeah, it ended up being real big.  Obviously wouldn't want it to be a home run altogether, but with it just being 2‑1 right there in the game, changes the momentum a little bit.  3‑1 looks a lot worse I think for the guys coming back in the dugout trying to score some runs.

It was huge for Pablo to make an unbelievable play like that.  It's one of the reasons we call him "Kung‑Fu Panda".

Q.  How would you describe the character of this team and what enabled it to go through everything it did in the postseason to get to this?

MATT CAIN:  A lot of guys are loose and relaxed, and it just seemed like all the pieces fit together.  A lot of us kind of had the same mentality about the game.  Nobody really stood out and wanted to steal the spotlight, and I think that's what helped us.  And what benefitted us is to be able to work together, and guys stepped up big when other guys maybe weren't performing, and that was helpful.

Q.  What was you guys' reaction to Jeremy Affeldt morphing into the strike out machine there late?

MATT CAIN:  He did such a tremendous job down the stretch.  He had been kind of struggling with some little injuries throughout the season, and it was kind of odd, it seemed like him getting kind of oddly hurt in Cincinnati kind of benefitted him a little bit.  I think he kind of started trusting his stuff with that odd foul ball down in the dugout, if you guys remember seeing it.  But from like since then on he went out there with unbelievable stuff and really trusted his stuff.  And with his sinker‑curveball combo, he's really, really tough on righties and lefties.

Q.  Could you have foreseen sweeping this series when it started?

MATT CAIN:  No, no, definitely not.  With that Tigers lineup and what they've done already in the postseason.  I definitely thought it was going to be down to the wire.  It just so happened that we got kind of hot, and scored some right runs at the right time, and ended up pulling off some close games.  All these games were close.  The first one was a little different.  But all the games were close.

Q.  Was it kind of fitting that Marco got the winning hit?  As many at‑bats as he got in this October that he got the last ‑‑

MATT CAIN:  I know, you kind of get worried when guys like that come up.  You worry that maybe they've used them all up, and in the baseball god world you wonder that.  But he had another one.  He had one more left in him, and it was the biggest one we needed.

Q.  Could you ever have imagined a year like this for you personally?

MATT CAIN:  No, I couldn't.  This was such an unbelievable year from the start to the finish with being able to get a deal done with the Giants, and know that I'll be with these guys for my career, and then some of the things that happened throughout the season with the perfect game and then being able to start the All‑Star Game, and especially being able to start that game with Buster.  That means a lot to me.  And then obviously what we just did these last couple months is a pretty full year, and something that I'm going to enjoy definitely sitting down and watching at the end of the year.