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Giants' World Series share an all-time high
The World Series champion Giants will receive a full postseason share amounting to $377,002.64, eclipsing the previous high set by the 2006 World Series champion Cardinals.

The Tigers, who won the American League, received $284,274.50 per player, Major League Baseball announced. Both figures are higher than last year's totals awarded to the Cardinals and Rangers.

The players' pool is comprised of 50 percent of the gate receipts from the Wild Card games, 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first three games of the Division Series and 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first four games of both the League Championship Series and World Series. The pool is then divided among the 10 postseason clubs: the Giants, Tigers, Yankees, Cardinals, Nationals, Braves, Rangers, Reds, A's and Orioles.

The 2012 players' pool was $63,363,469.22.

For the World Series participants, the Giants awarded 50 full shares of $377,002.64, while the Tigers handed out 48 full shares each of $284,274.50.

The AL runner-up Yankees awarded 58 full shares of $115,065.28, while their NL counterparts, the Cardinals, handed out 56 shares of $122,558.29.

The division series runner-up shares were as follows: Orioles (54 full shares of $34,825.61), Reds (45 full shares, $37,865.12), Athletics (51 full shares, $34,325.16) and Nationals (49 full shares, $37,045,32).

The Braves, who participated in the NL Wild Card playoff, awarded 46 shares of $19,609.04. The Rangers, who played in the one-game Wild Card playoff in the AL, awarded 44 full shares of $16,999.09.

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