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An Interview With:


An Interview With:


Q.         You played close to four hours, it was a seesaw game, what was the cause that you lost tonight's contest?

            VICTOR MESA:  We didn't play well tonight.  The throw by Cepeda (ph) was not a good decision, and because we don't walk well, we didn't play well, we missed base runners and stuff, and that's why we couldn't get the victory tonight.

Q.  The fourth inning, you didn't give up any base hits but the game winning run was caused by an error, and this error caused tonight's defeat?

            VICTOR MESA:  Yes, it is.  The way we played, it's hard to.  The elimination game is like a playoff game.  Without a good defense, it's hard to beat an opponent.  We tried hard and we played hard and made a couple mistakes.  If we don't make any mistakes, we sleep well.

            But even though as the manager, I tried to do my best, it's always hard to get the win.  We played hard and it's no one's fault.

Q.  As a result, you lost to Netherlands.  The 2013 WBC for you, it's tough to compete against Netherlands?

            VICTOR MESA:  It's true, we cannot beat Netherlands.  If you play sports, one of the key facts ‑‑ we didn't play well as representing my country.  We are lacking of detail of the quality of play.  We are playing one‑run games until the late inning situation, so the younger players got a lot of pressure.  Otherwise they receive pressure, and so do we.

Q.  Japanese fans are very much looking forward to play against Cuba, and also you mentioned you want to play against Japan.  A lot of Japan's fans are very disappointed about the result.

            VICTOR MESA:  Yes, I am wishing we could play against Japan tomorrow.  I personally learned a lot while I was in Japan.  They have great fans supporting in Japan.  So we are receiving a lot of pressure, that was a problem.

            Generally speaking, a lot of fans in Cuba, they leave the stadium if we don't score runs by the fourth or fifth inning, but fans in Japan are always supporting until the end of the game.

Q.  What is in your mind right now with the elimination game?

            JOSE ABREU:  It's hard to explain, I am very sad we lost.  We missed the opportunity to go to San Francisco and play baseball.  We didn't play that bad, but we didn't play well.

Q.  .  Your team let score first ‑‑ but you caught up again, it was a very tough and close game.

            JOSE ABREU:  It is true that we catch up twice, but we cannot do that again.  That was something I regreet.

Q.  You guys played very well.

            VICTOR MESA:  I am wishing all my best, that's all I can say.  Team Japan, Team Netherlands representing us, wishing you the best, Mr. Yamamoto, this is my personal Beth.

Q.  What was the point that you lost tonight?

            VICTOR MESA:  Gurriel mis‑read the base hit, and Gurriel didn't run, but I wanted to, but I didn't blame Gurriel.  So could catch up twice during the game, but because Gurriel got a lot of pressure, if he missed the opportunity for a go‑ahead run.  It's not his fault, and my players played very well and I expect my younger players to learn from tonight's loss.  And I'm wishing many I players to be better players.

Q.  It is such a great baseball, and you showed us again and again very high‑quality baseball game.  What is the necessary point to go to the semifinal?  For instance, like the Cuba team, if you have more pitchers, if you have solid pitchers, and you didn't have that because of ‑‑ that's why I guess you lost.  What's the key point for the future if you go to semifinal and the final and clinch the WBC in the future?

            VICTOR MESA:  What a good question.  That question, we are having ten million people, 11 million people living in Cuba.  Out of only 11 million, it's very tough to establish and give up younger pitchers.  Like Japan and Asian countries, they have had a great school and a great academy.  But here in Cuba, we didn't have that.

            So if the situation changed, it's a different story, but it isn't going to happen in Cuba.  We represent the best pitchers among all the players, and we selected the best players as we could be.  Like you see Japanese players, a lot of players ‑‑ all of the players in Japan is a pro.  For instance all of your media guys, you are professionals, as well, I can see that.  We are not happy right now but we are satisfied and we can leave here.

            We played hard and we did exactly what we can do.  A lot of my friends, a lot of my family, my wife, all of my friends were sad, as well as all the Cuban nation, but once again, we played hard.

            So from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.  I am wishing you the best.  Thank you and I am leaving.  Thank you very much.