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Find 'Scott' at ballpark, win $25K yard makeover

Ultimate Home Field Advantage Sweepstakes gives you the chance at dream lawn

We are so ready.

For the end of Winter Storm Virgil; for real Spring like they promised; for sunshine and warmth; for snow cones instead of snowplows; for a cooler of frosty libations instead of a cooler day; for groundhogs who don't lie; for T-shirts and flips; for Walt Whitman's kind of baseball that "will take our people out-of-doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a larger physical stoicism."

For the greenest lawns we ever saw, not just at your friendly neighborhood Major League Baseball park, but also the one at your home; for a lawn mower with a blade that needs to be sharpened for a proper cut; for a pre-emergent to control crabgrass and other grassy weeds; for some seasonal tips from Scotts Lawn Care, like how to find that Scott guy at the ballpark in the Scotts Ultimate Home Field Advantage Sweepstakes and perhaps win a $25,000 backyard makeover.

Scotts is starting its fourth season as Official Partner of, and when they are not busy stocking stores near you and giving you tips, like how to look for feed and fertilize and find snow mold (check), they are hiding Scott in the crowds of Major League ballparks at and on the Scotts Facebook page.

"Scotts is excited to be partnering with for the fourth year in a row, as Major League Baseball's Official Lawn Care Company," said Josh Peoples, Scotts brand director of lawns. "The Scotts tradition of seeding and feeding lawns to be a thick and beautiful home field to enjoy is as strong as our connection to the game of baseball itself. Opening Day is a great reminder for fans to get out there and feed their lawn."

You've been finding yourself and others at ballparks for the past two years in those high-resolution Tagoramic images, tagging yourself on Facebook, so it should be no problem for you to find Scott in a crowd each day and increase your chances of winning that lush new yard. It's kind of like finding hidden Easter eggs for many kids next weekend, only more satisfying.

Of course, Major League ballparks are pretty full these days, with the last eight years representing the eight most-attended seasons in MLB history. So how do you find one guy? We'll provide the clues on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and that will be part of the fun. #FindScott will be the hashtag for all of them, and knowing a little trivia will help.

The first Tagoramic is at Yankee Stadium, and in that case you would want to be sure to see the @MLB and @Yankees hints. We'll get you started with a hint here as well. If you were at Yankee Stadium on July 9, 2011, you'd have a nice souvenir from Derek Jeter.

Just enter your information for a chance to win a grand prize of that $25,000 backyard makeover, courtesy of the Scotts experts, and you might win other prizes, such as a one-month subscription to MLB.TV (watch live games while enjoying the great outdoors) or jerseys and caps from the Shop.

Once you submit your info, you have the option to find Scott and tag him in the photo for an extra entry into the drawing. The Tagoramic will rotate every three days to show a different stadium (each club featured has a Scotts relationship). Scott will be re-hidden each time the stadium changes.

Peoples said landscape and turf experts will come to the winner's home, discuss what the owners would like to do with their yard space, and "work together on transforming their backyard to be the talk of the neighborhood."

After the winter we just went through, it will be nice to talk about something other than blizzards and total inches of snow accumulated. It will be nice to fret about rainouts and rain delays instead. We are so ready for Opening Day and the opening of a new lawn, "to repair these losses," Whitman wrote, "and be a blessing to us."

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