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Get the full NLCS picture with Postseason.TV

Companion coverage captures the action with 10 fixed angles, four alternate ones

The last time the National League won four consecutive World Series was 1979-82, and it was the Dodgers ('81) and Cardinals ('82) who applied the finishing touches.

Now, it is time to find out which of those two clubs will earn the honor of trying to match that streak for the NL, which has won it all three years in a row. The best-of-seven NL Championship Series continues Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET for Game 5 with St. Louis in Los Angeles looking to win the pennant in five games, and you can watch it live with unique companion coverage provided by Postseason.TV at a one-time cost of only $4.99.

Postseason.TV will let you watch from every TBS camera angle to breathe in the atmosphere of the postseason, as it did for both Wild Card Games and all four Division Series. This is only available for the NLCS, as FOX is televising the American League Championship Series.

Nancy Abeleda of Santa Monica, Calif., said Postseason.TV has been vital for her because of her busy schedule in engineering design. She said her iPhone was stolen at the end of the regular season, and while waiting for her replacement iPhone 5S, she got an iPad Mini, subscribed to Postseason.TV, and has been following this Dodgers run whether at the gym, restaurant or elsewhere.

"I quickly realized that being without a smartphone for that long was not going to work with me primarily because I would be without access on the go for Dodger games," Abeleda said in an email to "I couldn't focus on anything for a few days because of this problem, and everyone was laughing at me. That's why I got the iPad Mini with Sprint, for the postseason.

"Postseason.TV is very important to me because I am in a busy period at work so work long hours. Even if I don't work long hours during game day, I am most likely at the gym or still out of the house doing something . It makes it imperative then for me to have access on a mobile device.

"My favorite feature of Postseason.TV is that it is absolutely great for following/watching the game when I can't watch on TV because I'm not home. Before I got it, I was afraid it would be lame and not show the game, really." She said it exceeded her expectation as companion coverage.

Jamie Aldrich, a Columbia (Mo.) College senior majoring in human services, will rely on Postseason.TV to get the most of what she hopes will be a stepping stone to a 12th Cardinals World Championship.

"Being a diehard Cards fan, sometimes receiving updates on my phone is not enough," she said. "Postseason.TV has allowed me to watch the early games at work this month. I never have to miss a single moment. I love being the one with my whole office looking over my shoulder at my screen.

"I love the ability to choose the camera angles, and I always have it in Quad Mode. So far, I have used it both on my computer and my iPhone."

Postseason.TV has become an October tradition for fans like Aldrich who like to be involved with the live broadcast experience and have the flexibility to follow the action on the go. It is not the produced TBS game feed, but rather up to 10 fixed camera angles and more features to go along with the network's audio feed, putting you in control whether you are out and about with the At Bat app or at your office on a computer. There are no blackout restrictions.

You can choose from the fixed camera angles and watch up to four alternate angles at once. It comes with the live network audio, so you can be your own control-room producer for each game. It is a way to enhance your viewing of the network feed -- or a convenience if you are, let's say, at the office.

Wish you could be at the ballpark to see Yasiel Puig or Carlos Beltran in batting practice before each game? You can with Postseason.TV, because each BP session is streamed live. You will get a pitch-by-pitch widget and streaming tweets. Archives are not available.

Two of the fixed camera angles peer into the dugouts. Networks will mix in an occasional glimpse into the dugouts when it is relevant to the game action and booth discussion, but you have the ability to stay focused on the people inside the dugout. Whether you want to stalk the stars throughout the game or just feel like you are part of the dugout scene, this puts you into that world.

You can watch online and on supported iOS and Android devices. The At Bat app for supported iOS and Android devices is required for mobile access.

While Postseason.TV is available to U.S. and Canada customers only, the MLB.TV Postseason Package is also now available to those outside those countries at a one-time cost of $24.99. International customers (outside the U.S. and Canada, Guam and U.S. Virgin Islands) can watch every postseason game live or on-demand, just as everyone could do out-of-market throughout the regular season. You will get HD quality, in-game highlights and stats, live-game DVR controls, Mosaic View (picture-in-picture, split-screen and quad), full-game archives, audio overlay, pitch-by-pitch widget and clickable linescores.

Existing MLB.TV and MLB.TV Premium subscribers have access to Gameday Audio (live and on-demand) and full-game video archives throughout the postseason.

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