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Yahoo makes fantasy game easier than ever

New season brings improved mobile apps, sleek design, MLB.TV crossover

We've given you expert draft tips and we've been updating the Player Preview rankings and offering around the clock help at

Now it's about time to set aside those everyday tasks and draft those rosters, if you are among those waiting as long as possible for the latest spring evidence or just adding yet another league to your 2014 arsenal. That means it is time to sign up for a free league in Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, the official fantasy game of

"I love Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. I can remember all the way back to 2001, which was my first year of fantasy baseball," league owner Colin Shipley of St. Louis said in an email Wednesday to "I had no idea what I was getting myself into and didn't realize this 'thing' would be such a big part of my life. Yahoo's fantasy baseball platform is great.

"The first thing I can tell you I enjoy about it is that it is easy to navigate. This is something I believe is overlooked in other fantasy sites. Yahoo keeps it simple and easy to find the information you're looking for. The community-based tools and forums are also great. On Yahoo, it's simple to talk with people and get information and feedback. Another new tool this year that I really like is the updates to Yahoo's mobile app. Before it was OK and did a good job, but now with the upgrade and the ability to perform drafts, mock drafts, receive updates and live scoring all from my phone, that's just fantastic."

Through the partnership between Yahoo and MLB Advanced Media, fantasy owners will be able to view content, and MLB.TV subscribers will get additional features, integrated seamlessly into the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball experience. You also can follow all of the in-game action using the MLB.TV Player Tracker and relive top plays and game-changing moments. These highlights will be integrated into Yahoo Fantasy Baseball on the PC, mobile and iPad apps.

Here are some of the key advancements with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball:

Improved iPhone and Android apps. Now part of the universal fantasy app, along with other Yahoo games. Drafting, including mock drafting, is supported on Android and iOS devices. There are major performance enhancements for iOS and Android devices.

New design. It's an updated look and feel with two options: dark or light background. Roster moves autosave on the Team page. Find improved smack-talk on Matchup pages.

24/7 drafts. Now you can draft all day, draft all night. There are no limits on when you want to draft, mock drafts included.

Pro League Enhancements. Auction leagues are now supported. You get more choices, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball has added $50 and $250 leagues in addition to $20 and $100 leagues. Prizes are available for each of the top three places.

Knowledge is king for hardcore fantasy players, and Yahoo Fantasy Baseball will continue to bring users news, injury reports and roster moves through its Players Notes. Combine that with all the latest info at and you have an edge in 2014.

You're evaluating Yu Darvish, you have a feel for price ranges for various players, you are following every possible source of latest information, and you are ready to create or join a league.

"I've been a regular fantasy player for 13 years with Yahoo," Shipley said, "and I would recommend it for anyone who is looking to start playing or looking for a new site to play on."

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