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January 7th, 2016

Ken Griffey Jr. is headed to Cooperstown, but for some, that's not enough.

"The Kid" was selected on 437 of the 440 ballots cast, a record 99.3 percent, but fell just short of becoming baseball's first unanimous selection.

"That was surprising," Ken Griffey Sr said. "It's amazing he got more than 99 percent of the vote. To me, just the day of him getting in the Hall of Fame was gratifying for me. I'm looking at this and I'm saying, 'I hope he gets in, I hope he gets in.' It's enough to get in the Hall of Fame, but we had no idea he was going to go in with more than 99 percent."

While Griffey's selection is a major honor that was well deserved after an outstanding 22-year career, there were plenty of people upset that he fell three votes short of history.

Each voter has the right to vote however they choose, but for many, voting for Griffey was obvious. As Hall of Famers go, Griffey was a sure thing, so how could people leave him off the ballot? Well, plenty would like the voters to explain their decision.

Of course, because ballots are limited to just 10 names, there is the very real possibility that voters chose not to vote for Griffey simply to support another player who may have needed the votes more.

It would have been a tremendous honor for Griffey to be selected unanimously, but through all the outrage and confusion, it is also important to remember that Griffey has reached immortaility and is now a Hall of Famer.

And just because baseball didn't have a unanimous selection in 2016 doesn't mean there won't ever be one.