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Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2013

Tim Raines, George Bell, Rob Ducey, Tom Cheek and Nat Bailey were all inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame on Saturday.

All of the inductees made an incredible impact on baseball in Canada. Raines, an OBP machine, spent 11 seasons with the Montreal Expos, stealing 806 bases over his career.

George Bell played with the Blue Jays for nine seasons and recorded the last out in the 1985 regular season to secure the Club's first Postseason berth.

Rob Ducey, a Toronto native, made his MLB debut in his hometown. He would end his career with the Expos.

Tom Cheek worked 4,306 straight games as the voice of the Blue Jays, enabling baseball to be heard in homes and cars throughout Southern Ontario.

Nat Bailey was part owner of the Vancouver Mounties, which were part of the Pacific Coast League at various stages. The Vancouver Canadians (Blue Jays’ single-A team) stadium is presently named after him.

Raines enjoyed his time in Canada and Montreal. “My heart is there. I’m not really Canadian, but I feel like one. It means a lot to be recognized by this country," he said.

It’s evident the other inductees feel the same.