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Caribbean Series showcasing flying camera

HERMOSILLO, Mexico -- Is a future component of Major League Baseball broadcasts on display at this Caribbean Series? Alejandro Mendivil, CEO of the startup company DVL Productions here in Mexico, sure hopes so.

Eight months ago, Mendivil began experimenting with a helicopter-like remote-control camera at different sporting events, and now it can be seen hovering over the fans at Estadio Sonora.

Mendivil's company was hired by Caribbean Series organizers to shoot a documentary of the event, and the floating camera -- one of four they're utilizing -- has been capturing unique bird's-eye views pregame, postgame and between innings in real time.

Its first appearance at a baseball game in Mexico was the Mexican Pacific League opener for the local Naranjeros de Hermosillo. Mendivil, who can be seen standing on top of the third-base dugout with bulky remote in hand for most of the Series, said it costs less than any other video camera used in baseball stadiums.

His hope is that it's eventually used in broadcasts for Major League games.

"Hopefully it can catch on like that," Mendivil said. "That's one of our goals."