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Cave Dweller #FinalVote Picks

Major League Baseball fans annually play a huge roll in the Midsummer Classic. Along with picking each league’s starters, they are able to pick the final player for the American League and National League roster. It is time again for the #FinalVote push.

Here are the #FinalVote choices for the AL and NL:

American League:

-Jonathan Broxton (KC) - #VoteBroxton

-Yu Darvish (TEX) - #VoteYu

-Ernesto Frieri (LAA) - #VoteFrieri

-Jason Hammel (BAL) - #VoteHammel

-Jake Peavy (CWS) - #TakeJake

National League:

-Michael Bourn (ATL) - #VoteBourn

-David Freese (STL) - #FreesePlease

-Bryce Harper (WAS) - #BryceIn12

-Aaron Hill (ARI) - #FinHillVote

-Chipper Jones (ATL) - #VoteChipper

Here are the picks from the Cave Dwellers:

-Ashley Chavez (@smashleychavez)

-AL: Ernesto "Ernasty" Frieri (LAA). It is because relief pitchers don't get the credit that they deserve, and this dude is a beast. WHERE MY BULLPEN AT?! Yay yaay!

-NL: Larry “Chipper” Jones (ATL). He is a Hall of Famer, and I'm trying not to imagine baseball without him. Being in the ASG will help.

-Gordon Mack (@gordonmack)

-AL: Aaron Hill (ARI). It is because he probably is the best hitter of that group and nobody in the NL will vote for him.

-NL: Aaron Hill (ARI). Again, I don’t think anyone else will vote for him.

-Kyle Thompson (@KyleOKC)

-AL: Yu Darvish (TEX). In his first season in the AL, he is 2nd in wins and 4th in Ks. Plus, I would be able to scream “YUUUUUU” really loud when he comes into the game!

-NL: David Freese (STL). Odds are that this game will not be a blow out and that one of the teams will need a big-time clutch hit to win. For the definition of clutch, see Freese’s performance from World Series Game 6 last year. Case closed. #ClutchGene

-Lindsay Guentzel (@LindsayGuentzel)

-AL: Ernesto Frieri (LAA). I’m making the call to the bullpen on this one and giving some love to the relief pitchers. They tend to be the unsung heroes in baseball and with the season that Frieri is having, he deserves to make the trek to Kansas City.

-NL: Chipper Jones (ATL). For one, I'm hoping he'll rock some sweet jorts during his time in Kansas City. Secondly, after playing at Kauffman Stadium, he'll have played at all 30 Major League ballparks when he retires. That's a pretty sweet way to go out.

-Ricardo Marquez (@iblogbetter)

-AL: Ernesto “Ernasty” Frieri (LAA). Dude has been untouchable and hasn't had a run scored on him since coming to the Angels. Time to get Ernasty!

-NL: Chipper Jones (ATL). It’s not because I want to send him out with a bang. I want to make sure Shaun and Ricky give me back my son. #VotesForARansom

-Ricky Mast (@rickymast)

-AL: Chipper Jones (ATL). Vote. Refresh. Kitten Saved.

-NL: Chipper Jones (ATL). It is his last year in the bigs and Kauffman Stadium is the one remaining major league stadium that he has yet to play in. Also, a vote for Chipper Jones saves a kitten. If you want to vote for other people and condemn millions of kittens to a meaningless life of feline solitude, then that's your business, bro.

-Shaun Kippins (@SkippinsYNN)

-AL: Ernesto Frieri (LAA). I've had the pleasure of listening to Ricardo scream “ERNASTY” every time Ernesto Frieri comes into the game. Thus, I turn my attention to that screen, and I've seen him make hitters look silly while closing out games for the Angels.

-NL: Chipper Jones (ATL). He started off slowly after surgery in Spring Training, but he hit .365 in June before being forced back to the DL. Again, he returned and is heating up once, hitting .462 over the past week. Oh yeah, and he's doing this at 40.