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Chat transcript with D-backs CEO Hall

During his August chat with fans, D-backs president and CEO Derrick Hall talked about the trade of Ian Kennedy, gave an update on several injured players and when some of the organization's prospects will join the big league roster.

Derrick_Hall: Good afternoon everyone. Much-needed day off for the boys. Their travel has been tough. Big weekend against the Mets coming up and hope to see you all there.

teddy1934: Hello Mr. Hall -- We are really looking forward to the Alumni Game on August 31. However, we can't go to the stadium to witness the game. Last year it was not televised. Will it be shown this year? (Please and thank you!)

Derrick_Hall: We are excited for the Alumni Weekend and Alumni game as well. Several players confirmed such as Gonzo, Steve Finley, Reggie Sanders, Brandon Webb and Matt Williams, to name a few. Fox will not be televising it, but there will be a 10th inning special about it.

DickJohnson: How are you going to handle the starters when Cahill comes back?

Derrick_Hall: The logical choice at this point would be Zeke Spruill, who has replaced him in the rotation, but much can change.

red_leader: Congratulations on the Kennedy trade. Will really miss IPK, but finding a trade that truly benefits everyone involved was pretty amazing.

Derrick_Hall: Thank you. Ian is a great guy and it is sad to see him go. But it was a trade that truly benefited both teams. And we filled a hole with a left-handed specialist, while also getting a Draft pick and a back-of-the-bullpen guy in Matt Stites. He is electric and could be ready next season.

odogfan1: Can you share a status update for Reynolds, Cahill, Bloomquist and Montero?

Derrick_Hall: All are coming along. Reynolds has begun a light toss routine, Cahill is really close with a few rehab starts under his belt, Willie has begun taking ground balls and Miggy is resting with no baseball activities.

benshroyer: What did you and new Coyotes owner George Gosbee talk about last night?

Derrick_Hall: We had a wonderful conversation. I am thrilled that the team is staying here and wanted to make that clear, first and foremost. We talked about the market, fan similarities, ways to partner and promote each other. Discussions like that are healthy and necessary. I believe all of our teams should be friends and partners as all boats rise.

red_leader: What's the likelihood we'll start bringing up some of the stars from the farm to help out in the stretch run? Rookies can often have a big impact against teams that haven't seen them.

Derrick_Hall: We will bring up a few young players who have certainly deserved it, but not likely until rosters expand in September.

jesprtfan: Now that the Coyotes have solidified ownership, are you planning on doing any cross promotions between the Coyotes and D-backs?

Derrick_Hall: I could definitely see us doing so. We have in the past. And our players get along great with their players. Friendships and mutual respect is all strong.

mld84: First, want to thank you for helping make the D-backs by far the most fan and kid friendly ball club that anyone could ask for. It's very much appreciated! Second, are there any hints of a possible trade now, after the deadline?

Derrick_Hall: Thank you for that. It is a top priority. As for trades, we will be active in discussions, but the process takes more time now with the process of clearing waivers before talks can take place.

red_leader: Obviously a lot goes into the lineup decisions, but it sure seems like it's time to settle on a starting 9 and stick with them to get improved and consistent results in the box. Do you see that happening as we head down the stretch?

Derrick_Hall: It is a fine balance. As much as we would like to have a set lineup, a lot goes into the decision each day. Gibby looks at health, match-ups and prior history against, who's hot, etc. He always wants to keep his players fresh by mixing them in when he can as well.

teddy1934_2: Hi Derrick. - What's the status of the Spanish play-by-play booth announcer? Thanks.

Derrick_Hall: It is a terrible situation, obviously. He is in the midst of a legal battle, and we have suspended him and any further actions will depend upon the outcome of that process.

treborl13: Is Matt Williams going to leave the D-backs for the Nats as a manager before the end of the season?

Derrick_Hall: I would not be surprised if he is interviewed again. He was a finalist for a few managerial positions in the past. He is certainly qualified and ready. Obviously we would hate to lose him, but would be proud if he is chosen somewhere.

lorrifan: Why is the Complimentary Seat Upgrade program not one of the perks for season ticket holders for the 2014 season?

Derrick_Hall: We did not list every benefit, but it still is. And just as it is now, it is based on availability.

mld84: Can you give some clues on what promotional giveaways we might see next year? Maybe more bobbleheads or something different that we haven't seen before?

Derrick_Hall: We are just beginning the planning for next season's giveaways. This is probably a good time to hear from you and other fans to let us know what you like and what you would want to see. Thanks.

vindeaz: It seems Hernandez isn't pulling it together at the big league level this year. Can he be optioned to Reno or has he been up too long for options?

Derrick_Hall: He does have options. David has big time talent and I am confident he will work it out. He is struggling right now for sure, but was one of our most consistent relievers in 2011 and 2012.

cardsmemes: When can we expect to see Archie Bradley?

Derrick_Hall: He has pitched great all season and he may very well be up this year. We are fortunate to have this kid, who is now listed as the top pitching prospect in all of baseball, according to most experts.

vindeaz: It seems hitting is coming around with a couple of exceptions. Recent numbers seem to indicate Cody Ross just needed AB's -- does that mean the best use for Jason Kubel is a bat off the bench? Any thoughts of optioning Adam Eaton out for more work at Reno?

Derrick_Hall: It seems a lot of our guys are heating up right now. Cody is definitely swinging a good bat, and Martin Prado has been on fire for the last five weeks and looking like his old self. We seem to be more aggressive and getting the timely hits again.

Derrick_Hall: Thanks again to everyone for joining us today. This should be an exciting final two months of the season. Nothing like a pennant race. Now we just need to make sure we stay in it! Go D-backs!

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