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Oct. 21 crew chief John Hirschbeck postgame interview

Q. I just wanted to get clarification, because they were talking and they said Dan apologized to Sal for missing the 3-2 pitch to Bautista.

CREW CHIEF JOHN HIRSCHBECK: I don't know anything about that, I really don't. We've been talking here about situations during the game, but I didn't hear anything about that.

Q. Would that be a common practice? It seems a little uncommon.

CREW CHIEF JOHN HIRSCHBECK: Well, it's not common practice, but it's not uncommon, if you think you missed the pitch to say, Sorry, I missed the pitch. But I don't know that that happened in any way, shape or form.

Q. Would there be any way to ask Dan or would you handle it?

CREW CHIEF JOHN HIRSCHBECK: I'd probably handle it.

Q. Is that the respect they give everybody? They weren't mad about it as much as --

CREW CHIEF JOHN HIRSCHBECK: Yeah, especially when you have a quality person like Sal Perez. And I would have personally no problem saying to him, you know, while we're working a game, I would say on a close pitch, Sal, do you think I got that right and take his word for it.

And the same way of saying it is if I missed a pitch I would not have a problem to saying to someone -- I wouldn't say that to everybody.

Q. So it's hard to put words in his mouth, but it may be a thing of not necessarily, Sorry, I missed that pitch, but Sorry, we didn't see that eye-to-eye?