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Cuba postgame interview March 9

Q. What is today's game all about?

VICTOR MESA: Although we lost yesterday, we scored we tried to score first, and we did. And also, we have to put the brake for them, and we did. That's why we scored first and we got a good result for tonight.

Q. Before the pregame press conference, you said that you would be nervous and there would be a lot of pressure in the game, what exactly did you tell your players before the game started?

VICTOR MESA: Just winning, this is a national game, so just try to focus to winning.

Q. What a great three run home run in the fourth inning?

YASMANY TOMAS: Yes, this is a very important game for the team. We all know, because we lost last night, yesterday. So at that point, I think my three run home run means a lot. We scored three more because of that home run, but that had a lot of positive energy to the team. It just happened to me.

That situation, the bottom of the fourth, I tried to hit a home run. I was focused on trying to put everything on the plate in the at bat. My first at bat, I hit a ground out. The manager told me that to sit on the outside pitch, it would make a good contact. That's why I could hit a home run.

Q. Because I'm Japanese media, I have to ask this question, please excuse me. For the next game, Team Cuba is playing against, which would you prefer to play against for the next round, the next game. Would you prefer the orange Netherlands, or your favorite Team Japan?

YASMANY TOMAS: Well, I don't know. We have no choice to choose, so I'm not I can't say that much. But anyway, the only thing we can do is just play hard. My ambition is going to San Francisco with Japan.

Q. What a ballgame, everything worked out very well, the defense played very well, and you've got a lot of home runners on the base, it affect very well. But the quality of the baseball game is quickly high, not only the hitting, but like Thomas played very well, and three other players also hit. Comparing to yesterday's game, what was the key for the big game?

VICTOR MESA: We know pretty much everything about our team. This team is a very young team, so try not to be a negative way. We have to prepare how to play. We have to prepare what to play. We had a lot of meetings, and we had a good meeting.

And also, without me, only the players have also a meeting. They have a lot of conversations. Each player knew that it's a do or die game. Every single piece of the puzzle got together and they worked out very well. We have a workout practice tomorrow at 11:00 am, but no matter which team is coming, we just have to be prepared well.

This is my personal comment. We as athletes have a big responsibility of playing hard, so in order to keep playing baseball, in order to get the victory from the baseball game, as an athlete, we have to maximize our possibility, and what we did tonight, everybody played hard, and that led to tonight's result.

Q. I was watching tonight's contest, and hitting fifth, you sent a sacrifice bunt at the bottom of the fourth, tell me more about the sacrifice bunt, it was a bit of a surprise by sending the bunt sign to Abreu.

VICTOR MESA: Yes, about the sacrifice bunt, this is my personal opinion, but when we walked out of that practice session in Cuba, I am thinking we are going to play an Asian opponent, and I want to personally feel like I want to play like an Asian style. I just feel like I want to try. So that's it. I mean, I just want to feel like I want to play, that's it. By the way, your question is so good.

Let me add a little bit more, please do not laugh at me. A lot of Cuban media is blaming, making a complaint about my approach, so I sent them an e mail, and still, some of the Cubans media complains about me. Of course, some of them are telling me anyway, but personally I did very well I think. This is it, I think.