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Rain or shine, LeMahieu believes this WS will be good one

Rockies second baseman enjoys watching postseason baseball unfold

KANSAS CITY -- Rockies second baseman DJ LeMahieu is watching the Royals and Mets live his dream -- well, for the most part.

When kids and Major Leaguers alike dream of the Fall Classic, the weather is never a factor. But LeMahieu has been spending the early offseason in Michigan visiting with his parents, so he realizes games played in Kansas City and New York can be wet, frigid propositions.

"I've been thinking about that a lot," LeMahieu said. "It's got a chance to be a very cold World Series. In my dreams about playing in a World Series … to tell you the truth, I don't know what the weather is. If I ever got to a World Series, I could care less. It does seem that it's been played in a lot of places that are pretty cold here lately."

Maybe next time LeMahieu's baseball dreams return, he will be wearing balaclava headgear that became so familiar during the games in New York during the National League Championship Series. This year, though, he'll be indoors, warm and enjoying what he expects to be a close Fall Classic.

"The Mets have such great starting pitching, but they'll be going against a Royals team that's just so balanced," LeMahieu said. "It's going to be fun watching those teams face each other. It's going to be a very competitive series -- and a very cold series, I'm sure."

Often players not involved in the postseason will avoid the pain of watching others live their dream. LeMahieu, however, counts himself as a regular viewer.

"I've watched quite a bit this year, I would say a little bit of every game, at least," LeMahieu said. "I think my favorite World Series to watch was a few years ago, the Cardinals and the Rangers. Like I said, I'll watch postseason baseball here and there, but for some reason that year I watched almost every minute of it. Every out was so big.

"It's every baseball player's dream. It's every little kid's dream. I'm sure the Mets and the Royals are experiencing something that's way beyond the normal baseball game. It's exciting for those guys."

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