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Donald Lutz Meets Elephant



Reds rookie left fielder Donald Lutz is a big dude. But not as big as this other dude, um, yeah because this other dude is AN ELEPHANT (ever heard of it? Largest land animal in the world?). Lutz and some other Reds have made frequent trips to the Cincinnati Zoo this year and have been tweeting out pictures and they are usually as adorable as this (the Cincinnati Zoo, by the way, is consistently rated one of the top 10 zoos in America, FYI).

As a side note, I can't believe no one has made a movie about an elephant playing baseball. There are about a million primate-playing-baseball movies (example). Here's a list of names of possible movies about a baseball playing elephant. LISTEN UP HOLLYWOOD:

--"Peanuts for Bimbo: The Elephant Who Played Baseball in Exchange for Peanuts"

--"Catcher with a Glass Trunk"


--"Baby Elephant Walk-Off"

--"The Elephant Who Held A Bat in His Trunk and Hit Home Runs and Also Threw Really Fast Fastballs With His Trunk and Won the Championship"