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Oct. 26 Edinson Volquez workout day interview

Q. What's your excitement level for getting the ball in this first game of the World Series?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: For me it's a great honor to pitch in this game, especially pitching at home. It's a great feeling.

Q. When you look at the Mets, what do you think about a hitter as hot as Daniel Murphy?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: He's been really good. He's a great hitter. He's been a great hitter his entire career.

We have to make an adjustment with him. We cannot let him beat us. We'll see what the plan is for him. I haven't talked to the pitching coach yet, but I have to stick with the plan.

Q. This is such a big start. How do you prepare for this, is it any different, sell yourself on the notion of just another game?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: It's another game. I don't have to do anything different than what I've been doing. I've got to stay focused in what you're doing, especially this game, because this is a World Series game. You don't have too many chance to make a lot of mistakes in those games. So I've got to stay under control and pitch your game.

Q. This Royals team hasn't seen a lot of the Mets over the years. You were in the National League for a while. What have you thought about the progression of their franchise to get here and what sort of challenge are they as a whole?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: They're good. They've been waiting many years to have that team, and they're pretty good right now. They've got a lot of young talent over there. They're unbelievable. They've got good arms, Harvey and Syndergaard, they throw hard.

It's a great organization. It's a great team, too.

Q. How do you describe where 98, 97 has been coming from as of late?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: I don't know, from the Gatorade (laughter).

A lot of energy help me a little bit more. I think pitching the playoffs is more exciting. And everything I pitch, everything I've got, that's what I've got. I was throwing 97, 98 the other day. I don't do that very often, but I think I've still got it a little bit.